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Haier Pakistan has Successfully Delivered more than 5,500 Tons of Air Conditioning Units at Beaconhouse School Campuses Nationwide

08-27 2021

Beaconhouse is a global network of private schools and institutes educating over 315,000 students in eight countries. Founded in 1975, its mission is to provide quality education of an international standard to its students. Established in November 1975 as the Les Anges Montessori Academy with 19 toddlers, Beaconhouse has since grown into an international network of private schools, imparting distinctive and meaningful learning to students all the way from birth – through its partnership in Pakistan with Gymboree Play & Music – to post-graduation, through Concordia Colleges and the Beaconhouse National University.

The Beaconhouse of today is much more than just a stand-alone school. Through distinct and independent divisions across multiple destinations including the UK, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Oman, the UAE, Pakistan and Belgium, it caters to the education and training needs of a large and diverse group of individuals of varying ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, and nationalities, with its activities also extending beyond education in some countries. This network of schools offers a wide range of science, business and liberal arts subjects and several local and international examination systems so that parents and students may choose the approach that they prefer.

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Haier Pakistan is serving various segments of society through its supplies and services in numerous sectors majorly, Food and Beverage, FMCG, Healthcare, Telecommunication, Industrial, Education and Residential areas. Keeping in view the significance of Beaconhouse Institution, its legacy and our commitment to serve the educational sectors in Pakistan, we have mutually come to an understanding regarding supplies of air conditioning units at multiple branches of school system, nationwide. In context of it, we have delivered more than 5,500 Tons of Air Conditioning Units at 188 branches in different cities. We supplied different types of AC units including wall mounted type and Floor Standing type Cabinet Units, with project value of around 300 million. Haier Pakistan has successfully competed multiple renowned brands of air conditioning units while award of project was decided. We had successfully qualified technically, and on the basis of good market repute and quality services, Beaconhouse Management put faith in our brand and project being awarded to Haier. It is the biggest project of school network chain in Pakistan and the most reputable one amongst other institutes. The project was quite challenging in nature regrading nationwide deliveries and meeting the stipulated timelines, covering all over Pakistan from Torkham to Chaman Borders. Haier Pakistan takes pride by being the only approved brand with Beaconhouse and we look forward to work with Beaconhouse School System again in their future expansion projects.

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