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Haier Pakistan has successfully done production of Air Conditioner of 400K Units and Achieved the highest ever production record

09-15 2021

The Harder You Work for something, the Greater you'll feel when you achieve it.

Haier continues to make the lives of its customers simpler by introducing the best, environmentally friendly and innovative products. Haier Air Conditioners also comes up with Energy Saving Feature, It Helps you reduce energy consumption and save electricity bills.

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Haier Air Conditioner factory has effectively marked the new benchmark of monthly highest production and achieved the target from January till August 2021 of production of 400K Units resulting in highest ever production record. With the support of commercial, inventory and all departments of organization in charge. Moreover, our workers have worked really hard and spend quality hours in production to achieve esteem consumer’s demand. Haier Pakistan is super proud of achieving 400K production which is the highest so far.

With the help of these 400k unit’s manufactures and opening stock available Haier have managed to get sales of more than 400k within 8 months in 2021; while Haier is targets to take their sales more than 500k AC units this year. Haier Air Conditioners factory strives to not only maintain this target but also to cross this and create a new bench mark in the industry. Haier is truly glad with the support of management, HNR, HPK and heartedly thankful for their unconditional support.

Haier has always worked on the mission to keep its customers satisfied and which is why it continues to lead the appliances market. Breathe Healthy and Stay Healthy with Haier!



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