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Haier Brand Seminar 2022 Forward Together

01-10 2022

Haier has time and time again proved that its disruptive innovations and globalization strategies have positively influenced consumers which is why they continue to choose the brand as their number one home appliance choice. Haier Ranked as the number one Global Major Appliance brand for over 12 consecutive years, and Fortune Global 500 companies and being one of the BrandZ’s Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands. Haier celebrated its achievements with zeal and zest in Pakistan in the form of its annual Haier Brand Seminar 2022 event.

This year, the mega event took place on 6th January, 2022 in Lahore with a core message of ‘Forward Together’. The platform was streamed by consumers from all across Pakistan on all social media platforms. The event attracted the brands dealers from across the length and breadth of the country values. Peshawar Zalmi players attended the event. Moreover, the brand took the opportunity to make some exciting announcements about what consumers can look forward to during the upcoming months, while acknowledging the hard work of their dealers and distribution network.

Haier Brand Seminar 2022 enlightened the audience about the smart products that are further going to ease our lifestyle. This year’s Haier brought a whole range of interactive smart products, smarter technology, smart services, systems and platforms. Haier gave a live experience of smart home scenarios at the Haier Brand Seminar where smart living room, smart kitchen and smart bedroom were set up and the attendees experienced the interconnectivity of home appliances and they were given demonstration of interactive smart products and devices for better understanding. The Dealers, Zalmi players and even the Haier family was pleasantly surprised with the new Launches and proud of the achievements of Haier as a brand. 

This year Haier Refrigerators are the Digital Inverter + Real Freshness Expert, keeping fruits and vegetables fresh. Haier Air Conditioner are now voice controlled and Haier Commercial Air Conditioner, are engineered to provide smart inverter and healthy living. Haier Deep Freezers have a complete range of convertible freezers now. Haier Washing Machines incorporates the One Touch Solution to enhance the performance and Haier Front-Load models were specifically manufactured to stand apart for better wash. Haier’s LED TVs with the hands-free voice control features is what we really look forward to this year. Haier COOKING brings safe, healthy, and smart kitchen appliances.

The event kept trending number 1 on Twitter with a hashtag #HaierBrandSeminar2022. The Dealers were also rewarded with appreciation awards on the basis of their excellent performances. The evening came to an end on the note that Haier has always inspired others through its innovations, and will continue the legacy the brand has created as we all move forward into 2022, through transformation, leadership, and many more accomplishments that are yet to come. Here’s to another year of building an inspiring future together as we all move forward together into the IoT era.


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