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VRF Equipment at Integrated Medical Care (IMC) Hospital has been Commissioned Successfully by Haier Pakistan

02-23 2022

Haier Commercial Air Conditioning had been awarded with HVAC project “Integrated Medical Care (IMC) Hospital” in DHA Lahore, Pakistan, relying on its professional air solutions and good reputation of reference projects in market.

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Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Lahore management is striving to provide all hi-tech facilities to its residents inside its premises, with healthcare being the most prime focus in present times. IMC Hospital, a multi-specialty facility, has been established through a joint venture with DHA Lahore to revolutionize healthcare while building on the concept of fully integrated care and services.

This Integrated Medical Care in DHA Phase 5 is fully integrated with the latest equipment and medical facilities. It has been designed on One Window Patient Care model where specialist doctors of various fields would be available to treat patients. For Integrated Medical Care, 14 Kanals of space has been reserved covering 73,000 sq ft area as a whole. This 25-bedded medical center comprises of 43 clinics, 24/7 Emergency, ICU, Diagnostic Unit, Out Patient Department (OPD), GYNAE Unit and Operation Theatres. The hospital is currently operational and has started facilitating residents in area which is good news for people living nearby.

Haier Pakistan had been chosen to provide complete HVAC solution for IMC hospital and we have successfully delivered and installed around 390 tons of air conditioning system in this project along with Building Management System. Haier’s most efficient series & latest technology in VRF system i.e., MRV-5 have been provided to maintain healthy air temperatures and it is rightfully serving the needs of client. Haier has always been the best choice when it comes to healthy air solutions, better environment, reliability and greater energy savings. This project is Haier’s another milestone in healthcare sector providing healthy air solutions and comfort for patients and staff.  The VRF system for this project has been successfully commissioned at site and operational now. Our team of professional Engineers and Technicians has worked diligently to speed up the work and keep up the workmanship spirit to achieve its early commissioning.

Haier Commercial AC has established numerous VRF reference projects in various industries, worldwide. As per company’s vision, Haier CAC will keep innovating to contribute and expand its reach to cater more sectors.

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