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International Women's Day Celebration at Haier Pakistan

03-08 2022

Imagine life without one of God’s most beautiful and resilient creation - Women! It goes without saying that women make this world a wonderful and merrier place to live in. International women’s day is all about realizing the worth of a woman from the moment she is born to how she transforms the world while playing the role of a daughter, sister, wife, mother etc. On this day we celebrate these empowered women throughout the globe and sing praises of the struggles they faced, and the hurdles they crossed in pursuit of equality, respect, justice and peace. Celebrating women’s day is a means of showing gratitude to each woman personally and professionally and acknowledging every glass ceiling she has shattered just by simply existing and adding colors to this universe.


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Similarly, women at Haier are no exception. It is undeniable that women have attained success at different levels and positions and are an integral part of the organization. Apart from adding organizational value to the company, Haier women are empowered, outspoken and have the ability to demand their rights. They stand with men shoulder to shoulder in a multicultural environment and support each other in every respect. Our organization boosts the confidence of women by eliminating any room for discrimination and recognizing their vitality. Women are no doubt better managers, and strong decision makers and bring fellow women up each day. Haier has given them a platform to showcase their talent whereby Haier women have developed great skills to bring about revolution in the society.


On 8th March 2022, in the light of International Women’s Day, Haier celebrated their powerful women and are eternally thankful to their female staff for being a valuable asset for the company. Haier Head office and service center, Lahore-1 was adorned with beautiful decorations, a small video was shot to capture these wonderful women being a true version of themselves. This was followed by a cake cutting ceremony to applaud women and some giveaways were handed over to express gratitude to women and cherish them for all times to come. Not only this Haier also decorated their Haier stores nationwide with balloons to welcome the women of all spheres and made them feel special on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

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