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Haier Pakistan All Set to Make a Mark in Djibouti 

05-27 2022

Haier Pakistan is one of Pakistan’s leading home appliance brands, producing high-quality home appliances in many categories. Haier introduces the best, environmentally-friendly, and innovative products with a wide range in different categories such as Air Conditioners, LED TVs, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, and more. Haier is celebrating its incredible achievement as the number 1 choice of home appliances for consumers in Pakistan. Every year, Haier recognizes its achievements, stakeholder trust, industry leadership, and creative product introductions.

For the first time, Haier Pakistan, a market leader in Pakistan's home appliances sector, is preparing to export its high-quality and long-lasting products to Djibouti. With a goal to expand and a dedication to boosting Pakistan's economy, Haier is determined to make its mark in international markets as a home solutions provider to people all over the world.

Exports to djibouti

Haier Pakistan always comes up with innovative and inspiring solutions for not just its customers but also for the countries where it doesn’t operate. By exporting their world-class home appliances to countries like Djibouti and others, Haier is giving the home appliance market an opportunity to try one of the best products in the global market and make its mark in the international industry.



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