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Hydrate with Haier

07-16 2022

As the city reels under the heat wave, people all around the country have been exposed to various health risks. The harsh summers are presenting a great deal of challenges for our service engineers who are working hard under the sun. Haier has always gone the extra mile when it comes to caring for its employees and this time is no different.


Hydrate with Haier


Haier is determined to play a vital role towards the well-being of their employees. Haier services department has come forth with a great initiative “HYDRATE WITH HAIER” whereby they distributed water bottles, wet towels and caps to service engineers in all of their nationwide service branches so the engineers can stay hydrated and perform efficiently. Haier has always been at the forefront of employee comfort and care.


Haier services department has distributed water bottles, wet towels and caps to service engineers nation-wide. This initiative will help optimize and maintain their body temperature and keep them energized. Haier engineers and technicians will be healthy once they have cooled off, they will not feel weary and drained and will continue to do their job outdoors and keep their customers satisfied. Haier firmly believe in the safety of their employees and hope to protect their team members from numerous health risks so together they can beat the heat wave.


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