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Haier Pakistan – The Partner of Interloop Hosiery in LEED Gold Certification

08-30 2022

Interloop Limited has maintained its position as one of the largest suppliers of socks globally, over the last 29 years, exporting to top brands and retailers, including Nike, adidas, Puma, Target, H&M, C&A, Amazon, and Uniqlo, to name a few. With 5 vertically integrated manufacturing facilities spread across South Asia, including 4 in Pakistan and 1 in Sri Lanka, Interloop Hosiery is equipped with the latest Italian Knitting Machines, Spanish Processing Machines, and Italian Dyeing Machines, having quick changeover capability and highly skilled staff to produce high volumes of standard mix and low volumes of customized products.Interloop Plant 4, has recently received LEED® Gold Certification, meeting the highest standards for any structure assigned by the US Green Building Council.

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To achieve a goal of energy savings and sustainability of environment, HVAC is the major contributor for energy conservation, better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and minimal impact to environment. Interloop Hosiery has partnered up with Haier Pakistan to provide their best equipment that would ensure maximum energy savings and truly symbolizes sustainability, innovation, and efficiency. We have supplied our latest technology MRV system paired up with Air Handling Units to ensure a safe and healthy environment for interloop workers. This includes continuous air quality and temperature regulation throughout the building or production facility. Haier Pakistan supplied Interloop with best possible HVAC equipment to help company achieve their sustainability target. By sustainability impact, interloop achieved a goal of 53% energy savings, 30% reduction in carbon footprint overall and 30% Enhanced Fresh Air Intake for Better Occupant Comfort.

Interloop Hosiery Plant 4 is another demonstration of our commitment to sustainability and is truly a reflective of our core values focused on People, Planet, and Prosperity. Passionate about the products we deliver, Haier continues to create dynamic work environments that are innovative, resource efficient, and safe for its workers.

Haier look forward to work with Interloop Management again and help contribute for such green building initiatives in future, as well.

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