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Haier Flood Donation: Holding Hands, Spreading Hopes

09-20 2022

Extensive rains, flash floods, and overflowing rivers have pummeled Pakistan since June this year and have inundated the country, putting a third of it under water. With approximately 33 million people left stranded and hundreds of thousands of buildings and infrastructure damaged or destroyed, the nation awaits assistance in every form. While many public health facilities, water systems, and schools have been either destroyed or damaged, more than 664,000 people are seeking shelter in displacement camps, with many lacking adequate shelter and access to adequate food, clean water, and sanitation.

In these difficult times, our support can save lives. Our donations will provide immediate relief to survivors, which could be in the form of supplies of food, shelter, water, and medicines, in addition to long-term recovery assistance to help residents recover and rebuild.


Haier, being a responsible brand of Pakistan is committed to making its best contributions by providing assistance to the flood affectees in the form of food boxes, and ration bag donations in the Northern, Southern Punjab, and KPK provinces.

Haier is providing its full support and has made a cheque donation to Army. All donations are intended to support the flood victims who have suffered a great deal due to heavy flooding and monsoons in Pakistan.

 These funds will help survivors in recovering through the fulfillment of immediate needs for shelter, food, fuel, clean water, and hygiene products. Once the initial relief work is complete, these funds will help the locals to rehabilitate and rebuild their lives.

Haier stands determined with the nation and will continue to support Pakistan in this crisis. The brand aims to spread hope and is doing its part in rebuilding the lives of people who are severely affected by these devastating floods across Pakistan.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families who have been suffering as a result of these monsoon rains, and we know that with our combined effort, support, and generous donations, we will rise once more as a flourishing nation.



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