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Haier’s Contribution toward Decreasing the Impact of Climate Change in Pakistan

09-24 2022

The rapidly emerging climatic changes are one of the biggest threats to the sustainability of life on Earth. The phenomenon of global warming is a major cause of environmental degradation. The enhanced discharge of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in our outer atmosphere due to fossil fuel combustion leads to a rise in Earth's average temperature besides polluting the air. Climate change is causing adverse impact on Pakistan in the form of heavy rains, floods, droughts and glacier-melting.

To reverse the effects of climate change, smart and eco-friendly choices can make a big difference and a positive impact on our lives. Haier AC commits to providing solutions to meet environmental protection regulations. Haier’s R-32 cooling gas used in Air Conditioners is Eco & Ozone-friendly which reduces the harmful effects of global warming to a great extent.

Climate Change

To see the complete picture of refrigerants, one has to go back to the past when air conditioners used the R-22 refrigerant, popularly called 'freon'. This cooling medium was abandoned because it had a negative effect on ozone and was replaced by the R-410A, which is still in use today, it not ozone-depleting but has a relatively high GWP coefficient (global warming potential) of 2088. This is why a new 'environmentally friendly' R32-grade refrigerant was made. Its GWP stands at 675, and it is another medium following the downward trend of GWP towards 1 (CO2 gas amount), which is being sought after by the air-conditioning industry.

Haier is the first company in Pakistan to use R-32 gas to reduce the impact of global warming and on the ozone layer ultimately contributing to reducing the impact of climate change. Protecting our environment is a key priority for us. Haier as a company contribute their part to reducing the climate impact, let’s join hands with Haier to save nature.

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