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Haier organized Basic Life Support, First Aid & Fire Safety Training with 1122

11-23 2022

Being the leading home appliances brand in Pakistan, Haier firmly believes in providing basic life support, first aid, and fire safety protocols to its employees, for their well-being, safety and better care.In order to bring awareness among employees about first aid & fire safety, Haier Pakistan arranged a full-fledge training on the 16th of November, 2022, at Ramada Hotel, Lahore with the cooperation of 1122.

First Aid Training 1122

The purpose of conducting this training for employees was to keep the beat alive and enable them to be proactive in incidents & accidents. The training included practical demonstrations on CPR, Basic Life Support, Foreign Body Airway Obstruction, Control Bleeding, Fire Safety, and emergency dealings with many more areas, to educate employees on how to act and respond in emergency situations.

The training was aimed to bring awareness among staff and teach them to be first aid trainers and help them to be more responsive in an emergency situation.

Haier Pakistan is grateful and extends appreciation and gratitude to the trainers of Rescue 1122 for their support and skills. Haier Pakistan is a visionary in the maintenance of the health & safety of its employees and never leaves the opportunity to empower employees and enable them to be active participants in the organization and society as a whole.

Haier has always stayed on top in producing its best, serving the best, and aiding people to enjoy a valuable living. Haier Pakistan is proudly incorporating crème de la crème and is always ‘Moving a Step Forward’ to make Pakistan and its people better, safer and smarter.

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