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Haier Brand Seminar 2023; Winning Together

01-05 2023

Every year, Haier celebrates its incredible achievements being the No. 1 major home appliance brand in Pakistan and the most popular choice of all consumers. Haier holds an extravagant event to commemorate its accomplishments, the loyalty of its stakeholders, its position in the home appliance market, and the launch of new products in an over-the-top event called Haier Brand Seminar 2023. 


The mega event for this year was held on January 4, 2023, in Lahore, with the overarching theme of "Winning Together." Customers from all over Pakistan watched the event live on social media. Dealers belonging to different cities in Pakistan are invited as a gesture of appreciation for being a major player in the distribution of Haier products. Furthermore, the company used the occasion to make some intriguing announcements about what customers can expect from the brand this year, while also recognizing the efforts of the entire distribution network.


The Haier Brand Seminar featured a live demonstration of smart home scenarios from Haier. Dealers, Business Partners, Peshawar Zalmi Players and even the Haier family were delighted with the new launches and pleased with Haier's accomplishments as a company. At the experience zone, Haier showcased all of its most cutting-edge smart products. Guests were taken on a tour and given displays of each smart product category for a better understanding. 

One dealer who attended Smart Scenario was so enthusiastic about the new products being launched that he shared his excitement and said, "Haier has never failed to surprise with its creative features, and they deliver smart solutions to everyone's problems. It's the best brand ever!". Additionally, the dealers received appreciation awards in recognition of their outstanding accomplishments. The Brand Seminar crowd was happy to be a part of a celebrity-studded event that made history with its successful smart launches.

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The evening concluded with the observation that Haier has always inspired others with its innovations and will uphold the legacy the brand has established as we all continue to succeed into 2023 through transformation, leadership, and the redefinition of additional achievements that are still to come. Here's to another successful year "Winning Together."


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