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Haier Air-Conditioner Limited-Time Cashback Offer

05-15 2023

Haier, a trusted name in the home appliance industry, understands the financial challenges consumers face during periods of high inflation. To alleviate some of the burdens, Haier is excited to announce a limited-time offer starting on May 5th and ending on 25th May. Customers purchasing any Haier air conditioner during this promotional period will be eligible for an attractive cashback ranging from 3,000 to 8,000. In addition, Haier is providing free AC installation services nationwide to ensure a seamless and convenient experience for customers. This generous offer aims to support end-users by making Haier ACs more affordable and accessible.


Cashback and Installation Process:

To take advantage of this exclusive offer, customers can simply call Haier's UAN at 042111142437 to schedule their free AC installation. Once the installation is complete, Haier's UAN customer service team will reach out to customers to provide further details of their CNIC and other related info.

Customers who have an Easypaisa account will enjoy a hassle-free process to receive their cashback. Upon verification, the cashback amount will be credited directly to their Easypaisa application, making it convenient and easily accessible.

For customers who do not have an Easypaisa account, Haier has devised a user-friendly process to ensure they can still benefit from the cashback offer. Customers will be provided with an Easypaisa code linked to their CNIC number. By presenting this code to any Easypaisa retailer, customers can easily redeem the cashback amount, allowing them to enjoy the financial relief offered by Haier.

In both cases, the customer can get the claimed cashback within 8-10 days from Haier.

Supporting Consumers During High Inflation:

Haier's cashback offer and free nationwide installation service exemplify the company's commitment to customer satisfaction and support. By introducing this limited-time promotion, Haier aims to alleviate the financial strain on consumers caused by high inflation. The offer enables customers to invest in Haier's reliable and energy-efficient ACs while receiving significant savings through the cashback offer.


Haier's limited-time offer of cashback and free nationwide installation is an excellent opportunity for consumers to save money while acquiring top-notch AC technology. By purchasing a Haier AC during this promotional period, customers can enjoy attractive cashback ranging from 3,000 to 8,000. Haier's commitment to customer convenience is evident in its provision of free AC installation services nationwide. Whether customers have an Easypaisa account or not, the cashback redemption process has been designed to be hassle-free.

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