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Haier Honors the Heroes of Battagram Chairlift Incident

09-01 2023

In a remarkable display of courage and bravery, a group of individuals emerged as true heroes following an upsetting incident that unfolded recently in Battagram, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It was an incident that underscored the strong spirit of humanity in the face of adversity. A chairlift, carrying eight passengers to a mountainous destination, suddenly encountered a malfunction, leaving all 8 passengers suspended mid-air, approximately 900 feet above the ground.

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This grave situation demanded quick action, and it was in this critical moment that a few of daring souls stepped forward, displaying unparalleled valor and saving the lives of those in risk. Amidst the uncertainty and danger, the heroes of Battagram jumped into action, using only ropes and special belts and undertook the rescue operation without any assistance and brought the stranded passengers safely back to ground.

Mr. Javed Afridi, the CEO of Haier Pakistan, stepped forward to acknowledge their inspiring deed. Beyond the words of appreciation, he extended a gesture of profound gratitude by offering these unsung heroes both, a cash reward and the opportunity for employment within the Haier organization.

This kind gesture showed how important bravery and working together are, and it inspired the people of Pakistan. The heroes of Battagram remind us about the strength of coming together and showing kindness when things are tough. In a world that can sometimes be negative, these people shine as examples of hope.

Consistently aligned with such acts of valor, Haier stands committed in supporting the communities and wholeheartedly applauds individuals who contribute to the well-being of the nation and Pakistan and inspire us extremely.

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