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Introducing Haier AC's Cutting-Edge Innovation

09-12 2023

In a world where energy conservation and smart technology are becoming paramount, Haier Air Conditioners has once again set a new standard with its revolutionary features: the 1.2A Current Control and the ECO Mode. These innovations not only redefine cooling comfort but also empower users to make environmentally conscious choices with less compromising performance.


1.2A Current Control: Unveiling Unprecedented Efficiency

Haier ACs have taken energy efficiency to a whole new level with the introduction of the 1.2A Current Control technology. Under the ultimate dehumidification conditions, this remarkable feature allows the 1-ton AC to regulate the compressor current as low as 1.2A, operating at an astonishingly low power consumption of just 365W. This breakthrough not only leads to substantial energy savings but also contributes significantly to reducing electricity bills.

Gone are the days of worrying about excessive energy consumption during hot and humid weather. With the 1.2A Current Control, Haier ACs provide cooling relief without the heavy environmental and financial burden. Whether it's for home or office use, this innovative technology ensures that comfort comes hand-in-hand with sustainability.

ECO Mode: A Spectrum of Energy-Saving Possibilities

The ECO Mode in Haier ACs takes user control to a whole new level. Offering five distinct slabs of energy-saving options, it's a feature that caters to a wide range of preferences with very less compromising on performance. Let's delve into the slabs and understand how they transform your cooling experience:

S1 Slab - Turbo Cooling: Need quick and intense cooling? The S1 slab offers turbo cooling for those moments when you want to lower the temperature in a flash.

S0 Slab - Normal Mode: For everyday use, the S0 slab ensures your AC operates at 100% capacity, delivering the cooling power you expect while maintaining its power input.

L1 Slab - Balanced Efficiency: Opt for the L1 slab when you want to strike a balance between cooling performance and energy consumption. The AC will run at 75% power input and 85% capacity, providing comfort without compromise.

L2 Slab - Energy-Saving Priority: When energy conservation takes precedence, the L2 slab comes into play. Operating at 55% power input and 72% capacity, it demonstrates that cooling efficiency doesn't have to come at the cost of high energy consumption.

L3 Slab - Maximum Savings: For those looking to maximize energy savings without sacrificing cooling comfort, for 1-ton AC the L3 slab is a perfect choice. Running at a mere 40% power input while maintaining a commendable 57% capacity, this mode sets a new benchmark for efficient cooling.

The introduction of the 1.2A Current Control and ECO Mode by Haier ACs is a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation, user-centric design, and environmental responsibility. These features not only empower users to customize their cooling experience but also align with global efforts to conserve energy and reduce carbon footprints.

As we step into a future where sustainable choices matter more than ever, Haier ACs stands as a symbol of technological advancement that champions efficiency, comfort, and environmental stewardship. Experience the future of cooling with Haier, where innovation meets responsibility.

Disclaimer: These features and specifications mentioned in this article are based on internal testing and performance in Haier's laboratory under ideal conditions.


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