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Haier Organized Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

10-27 2023

Breast cancer remains a pressing concern for women all around the world, but its rate is quite high in Pakistan. Given that early detection can significantly lower the mortality rate among breast cancer patients, one would expect timely screening and checkups to be commonplace in the country. Unfortunately, the reality suggests quite the opposite. Haier, recognizing the gravity of the situation, launched a revolutionary breast cancer awareness campaign.


According to the latest healthcare statistics, 89% of breast cancer cases get diagnosed at a much later and advanced stage. In order to emphasize this critical situation Haier launched a powerful awareness campaign of “Save 89%” women. This campaign carried a powerful message, encouraging everyone to save 89% of Pakistani women by spreading breast cancer awareness and normalizing screening examination.


Teaming up with the Pink Ribbon Organization, Haier organized an in-house breast cancer awareness session, where Haier’s female employees were educated about it and its prevention methods. Following the informative session, an engaging coloring activity took place, where Haier employees created colored a ribbon art piece using various shades of pink. The goal was to shed light on the critical nature of the situation in a lighthearted manner, encouraging more women to prioritize their health and take necessary preventive measures.


As Haier does its part this by pledging this pink October, it's our turn to join hands and together #Save89%#HaierPinkPlegde!


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