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Haier Brand Seminar 2024

01-12 2024

Haier astound with its annual event Haier Brand Seminar 2024 on 11th January 2024 in Lahore. This year’s seminar revolved around a profoundly impactful theme: “Leading Together; Transformation, Localization, Digitalization,” reflecting Haier's commitment to not just keeping pace with but leading the ever-evolving world of technology. The event attracted the brands dealers from across the length and breadth of the country values. Peshawar Zalmi players also attended the event for PSL 9 signing with Haier Pakistan. Moreover, the brand took the opportunity to make some exciting announcements about what consumers can look forward to during the upcoming months, while acknowledging the hard work of their dealers and distribution network.


The 2024 seminar takes a deep dive into the importance of localization. Haier understands that every market is unique, with its distinct needs and preferences. Haier reinforces its dedication to designing products that cater specifically to local markets. Moreover, digitalization stands as a central pillar of Haier's vision for the future. The seminar highlights Haier's innovative steps in embedding digital technology into its appliances, creating an interconnected ecosystem that offers convenience, efficiency, and a smarter way of living. Haier demonstrated its innovative smart home ecosystem, designed to provide seamless, integrated experiences that cater to the local cultural nuances and lifestyle preferences of Pakistani households.

Haier lineup for this year included ultra-efficient, solar-powered Air Conditioner, inverter Refrigerators with customizable features, the latest eco-friendly Washing Machines and Kitchen Appliances have enhanced technology and manufactured locally. Haier’s new range of LED TVs with advanced AI capabilities and Deep Freezers have a complete range of convertible freezers. Peshawar Zalmi players and many other star cricketers attended the event. The Dealers, Zalmi players and even the Haier family was pleasantly surprised with the new Launches and proud of the achievements of Haier as a brand. 

Mr. Feng Xianfa, The CEO of Haier Pakistan showed his excitement and said “Haier is here to serve its customer in best possible way and Haier will not only meet but it will exceed customers expectation.” Mr. Sohaib Rathore, Director Sales discussed the brand's plans for the new year 2024 and said “This year will be better in terms of deeper customer engagement, and sustainable business practices.” Mr. Hamayoun Bashir, Director Marketing said on the occasion ‘Haier will make groundbreaking advancements in its products and will bring comfort to customers life. We are looking forward for an extremely successful year ahead with Haier”. During the event the product managers also discussed about the new innovative product launches which will further ease, transform and redefine the live of the consumers. 



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