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    • Group controller
      Group controller
    • Central control
      Central control
    • Cloud Service
      Cloud Service
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    • Rated Power input (KW) Cooling
    • Refrigerant
    • Air Circulation (m3/h)
    • EER/COP(W/W)1
      Individual Controller
      The individual control system has a variety of wired and wireless controllers which enable you an easy and intelligent control of your air conditioners. You can choose the one which best suits for your air conditioning management.
      Centralized Controller
      The centralized control system offers you a smart and convenient experience while managing your air Conditioner individually or by groups or by zones. A variety of controllers can be used to perfect your air conditioning management.
      The building management modules could perfectly integrate air conditioners into the Building Management System, providing an excellent solution for large Commercial areas.
      Intelligent Cloud Services
      Intelligent Management “Haier Smart AC” provides an intelligent and personalized experience for your smart life. Applications Haier control products are designed to provide you a perfect solution for the small, medium or large commercial projects.

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