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Haier team to visit affected areas

18 09 2012

Billions of rupees have been donated by Haier Global Head Office in China and Haier Pakistan (HPK) towards relief efforts of the flood-hit areas in Pakistan. While Haier China has donated a special portion, HPK’s employees have also put in their best efforts by contributing a reasonable amount from their salaries.


The Haier team will personally visit the flood-affected areas and spend the fund they have so far collected in relief operations, pledging as always to stand by their Pakistani brothers and sisters in this hour of need.


Haier has always been at the forefront in such crucial times. During the earthquake in Pakistan during the year 2005 the Haier team had visited the affected areas to take active part in he relief operations, and played a major role in supporting the people in those areas.


The humanitarian role of Haier Pakistan was also recognized and appreciated by the government of Pakistan during the time, and it received a Sitara-Esaar award for the relief efforts in rendered.


In a similar situation, when China suffered a massive earthquake in the year 2008, Haier Pakistan also donated a handsome amount to support the Chinese government in their relief operation, Haier Pakistan runs a small social welfare society of its own by the name of EHSAS that keeps on doing a lot of humanitarian and philanthropic activites.