Question: How to control temperature of the refrigerator with display


First you can unlock the display panel,then adjust the temperature of the fridge/freezer  compartment.You can set the temperature manually. Normally, fridge room from 1℃ to 9℃, freezer room from -14℃ to -24.It has also predefined functions power freeze, power cool and fuzzy.

1. The 1℃ Max is the most cool or the coldest.
2. Normally, you can set the firdge temperature at 5℃ and freezer temperature at -18.
3. If you feel it is not cooling enough,you can set the temperature at Max.
4. If loaded with large quantities of food, you can set the temperature control at Max or set the function power freeze, power cool


   If you can't set the temperature, please call Haier service.

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