Question: My fridge overflows or floods frequently



These are the possible reasons

1.The drain hole(s) at the back of the fridge compartment are blocked. Clear the drain with a thin flexible rod.

2. The door seal is damaged.

First,use hair dryer to sealer circular uniform heating, the door is until all soft GuanYanBing. After ten minutes, the door gasket natural cooling stereotypes, problem was solved smoothly. If there is not equal to idea can repeat it again.

If has no use,you could also replace the seal. Most Haier fridges could supply the replaceable door seals.

3. The door is being left open for a long time. 

4. The door is being opened & closed frequently. Keep the door closed.

5. If lots of wet food is put into the fridge ,it will also make lots of ice on the evaporator. Please wrap the wet food with the plastic bag.

6. The door does installation problem– hinge(s) worn or loosen and  there is a gap between the door seal and the cabinet. Please adjust or replace the door hinge(s).


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