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Question: Remote control can’t work normally


  1. Don't work:

    Please replace the batteries with new ones and reconnect the TV and the Bluetooth remote (the connection method is shown below).


  2. Bluetooth Connection and voice problems

    The bluetooth connection works fine, but the voice doesn't work. First check whether the microphone hole is blocked, wipe it to see if it can be used normally; after eliminating the cause of the blockage, if the fault still exists, it is recommended to replace the remote control with a new one;

  3. Remote control is insensitive and far away

    Infrared remote control, first check whether there are obstacles or dirt in the TV receiving window and remote control transmitting window, remove this reason and then try to change the battery, if there is still a problem, please replace the new remote control.

    Bluetooth remote control, please connect bluetooth again to try, if the problem still exists after connection, please replace the remote control.


Remote control and TV connection instructions:

Please match the correct remote control model according to the picture model, find the red button in the picture, face the TV, press the two red buttons at the same time, the indicator light of the remote control will flash, and the TV will pop up the connection prompt window. Wait for a few seconds. After the remote control is successfully connected, the TV will also display the prompt of successful connection;


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