Question: What is the reason for the configuration failure of APP binding air conditioner?


(1) the input WiFi password is not correct, or the WiFi password cannot have special characters;

(2) The mobile phone is not connected to WiFi network;

(3) WiFi network connected by mobile phone is inconsistent with WiFi network equipped with air conditioner;

(4) The WiFi network equipped with air conditioner is 5GHz WiFi network. Because it does not support 5GHz WiFi network configuration, it needs to use 2.4GHz WiFi network configuration;

(5)  For the same account, the account has been bound to the air conditioner. If it is not unbound, bind it again;

(6) Check whether the router has changed the settings, such as: enable anti-collision network function, have white list policy, have domain name restrictions, have port restrictions, turn on AP isolation function, etc. if so, please shut down and restart the router and device after closing;

(7) Home wireless router should not turn on MAC address filtering function; if MAC address filtering must be enabled, air conditioning MAC address should be added to the white list;

(8) The security mode and encryption mode of home wireless router should be WPA2 and AES

(9) WPS is not supported. If the home wireless router has WPS turned on, please turn it off.

(10) Check the location of the air conditioner, whether the wireless WiFi network is covered and whether the signal strength is normal. If the wireless WiFi network signal of the air conditioner is weak, it is suggested to adjust the position of the air conditioner or home wireless router, or add a repeater to enhance the WiFi signal;

         (11)The number of intelligent devices connected to the home wireless router has reached the upper limit of the home wireless router (the more the router equipment is connected, the worse the stability is; the ordinary router is generally stable at about 8, and there will be instability if it is exceeded). It is recommended to replace the router with good performance or reduce the number of intelligent devices connected to the home wireless router;

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