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Question: How to find the model name and the serial number of your Haier TV?


The Haier serial number is a total 20 of numbers and letters. It is this long as it tells us lots of information about the item you have just purchased. It is important that you copy it very carefully.

On some Haier appliances the serial number is only 9 numbers long.

An example of a 20 digit serial number is DH1VVUD0002D9NCK0051.

Any character I or O is always a number, so I is a 1 (one) and the O is always a 0 (zero).


Where can I find the serial number ?

The serial number is usually located on the label and the bar code. Please refer to the following pages for specific location of the data plate on your machine.

If you cannot find or read the label or the serial number please contact the help desk who will be happy to help.


I can’t read the data plate because it is damaged

A part :  on the side of the Carton box marking position

There is a label on the TV package. It is usually on the side of the TV package. The model number and serial number are on the label. There is usually a bar code. If you have a bar code reader you can use this to read the serial number.


B part :  on the back of the unit and under the rating lable

On TV there is another set of serial numbers on the back of each machine, usually located on the back cover of the machine. Please be very careful as the machine may topple over if not moved carefully. We strongly suggest you get assistance with moving the TV.


NoticeThis is the basic position for the model name and series number. Some models will not completely match it. Such as,If it on the back, it can be on the top or the bottom. And so on.

Read the TV serial number



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