Question: How to deal with device offline problems


1. Please check whether the power supply of the device is normal;

2. Please check whether the router is connected to the external network and whether the network is smooth, which can be verified by opening the online video;

3. Try to power on the device again after power off (the appliance is powered off for about 5s, then power on again);

4. Try to power off the router for 5 minutes and then power it on again. If the router runs for a long time, the performance will be degraded;

5. Please confirm whether the Wifi name or password of the router has been changed. If there is any change, please re-bind the home appliance;

6. Please check whether the router enables dual-band integration (2.4GHz and 5GHz combined display), if it is enabled, please disable it and enable 2.4G WiFi to re-bind separately;

7. Please check whether there are too many devices connected to the router. It is recommended to reduce the number of devices connected to the router;

8. Please check whether the home appliance is far away from the router or the wall is blocking a lot. If this is the case, it is recommended to adjust the distance between the home appliance and the router, try to keep the distance as moderate as possible to avoid the blockage of the wall, or install a WiFi signal near the home appliance. The amplifier enhances the network signal to which the appliance is connected;

9. Please confirm whether the appliance enters the configuration mode due to misoperation.

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