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Question Fridge compartment does not work.


 1.Generally in winter, the ambient temperature is as same as the fridge compartment, so you feel the fridge is not cool enough. We could  judge it with the thermometer.


2.For sensor models: Check if there is display in fridge temperature area of the display panel. If no display, it indicates that the fridge storage compartment is turned off.

Solution: Please turn on the fridge compartment


3.Check if the refrigerator is set in the holiday function. Some refrigerators have this function. For example, HRF-628AF6,in this function, the fridge compartment is automatically set at 17℃,the “Holiday icon”  flashes, the function is on, please exit.


4, Check if the cold air outlet at the upper part of the fridge compartment is blocked by food and no air can blow out

Solution: Remove the food to keep the air outlet unblocked.

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