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  • Self Clean Inverter Technology
  • Smart Eye
  • Stabilizer Free Operation
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Self Clean Inverter Technology
There is a dust accumulated at the evaporator in the operation of the Air Conditioner. By the control setting, it freezes the evaporator and force to remove the dirt off the evaporator through water ice condensation.
Smart Eye Saves upto 65% Power
Automatically adjust operation frequency and modes to save energy. Improve comfort and convenience by monitoring human locations, movements with sensors.
Stabilizer Free Inverter Technology
Haier Air conditioner with the Stabilizer Free Inverter Technology operates with the Input Power Voltage as low as 120V by the adoption of optimized compressor with maximum running torque.
20 meters Air Throw
Haier Air Conditioner Indoor unit is improved by optimized motor fan and air flue so as to provide Long Distance Air throw upto 20 meters.
16 Db Low Noise
Optimized Air Duct & cross fan flow design to decrease noise level lowest to 16 Db.

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