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Inverter Direct Drive Motor

Powerful motor with lesser vibration-noise, resulting in saving 40% energy.


Laser Seamless Welding technology

The longevity of the Washing Machine increases with this technology helping clean clothes with more care and efficiency.


Capacity - 12 KG

Two Separated Washing Drum controlled to wash together or separately. Top Drum 4 Kg and Lower Drum 8 Kg.


Anti-Bacteria Technology

This technology prevent the growth of germs and bacteria after wash-cycle.


One Touch LED Screen

With just 1 Touch you can control the machine and operate both the drums. The screen is precise and looks classy. You can also check in-built video tutorials from the LED screen.


Life Time Warranty

Haier DUO comes with a lifetime warranty in motors.


Near Zero Pressure

This technology helps the machine to work efficiently at low water pressure of 0.001-0.02Mpa.


Wool Programme

Provide the best quality of wash for our woolen clothes.



This functions clean the delicate baby's clothes with care and keep it hygiene.


Dual Star Balance System

Dual star balance system is a patent originated from the principle of Haier DUO where the upper drum and lower drum work operation is balanced, steady and silent. No damping and it is super silent at 70dB.


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