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Inverter Direct Drive Motor

Powerful motor with lesser vibration-noise, resulting in saving 40% energy.


Laser Seamless Welding technology

The longevity of the Washing Machine increases with this technology helping clean clothes with more care and efficiency.


Capacity - 8 KG

With its large capacity of 8 KGs, it is ideal for a small Indian family.


Anti-Bacteria Technology

This technology prevent the growth of germs and bacteria after wash-cycle.


Super Silent

Haier has a super silent washing cycle even does not disturb your sleep.


Near Zero Pressure

This technology helps the machine to work efficiently at low water pressure of 0.001-0.02Mpa.


1200 RPM

With a higher RPM- rotation per minute, your clothes get cleaned faster than contemporary washers.


Super Energy Saving A+++

Now save upto 30% of water, energy and money as well. Get 100% satisfaction by bringing Haier's energy saving washing machines.


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