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What Does ECO Mean On An Air Conditioner & When To Use It?

07-17 2023

As manufacturers strive to enhance the comfort of their customers, they continue to add more features and modes to their air conditioners. In the current market, there are many different modes from which you can choose from. ECO or Energy Saver mode is one of them!

Simply put, ECO mode uses less energy than other modes. That is, it reduces the energy consumption of your air conditioner and lowers your electricity bill. But how exactly is the ECO mode saving electricity or when should one even use the ECO mode? – if you are pondering these questions, fret not! 

In this blog post, we will cover almost everything you need to know about the ECO mode of your air conditioner. We will demystify how this mode works and unleash its power in your AC. So let us get started!

ECO Air Conditioner: What Does It Mean?

What Does Eco Mean On Air Conditioners?

Imagine ECO mode on an air conditioner as a secret energy-saving superhero with a simple symbol: "ECO." It swoops in to save the day by reducing your electricity bill without compromising comfort!

Just like central air conditioning, this mode keeps your room cool or warm while conserving energy. And it accomplishes so by operating on the principles of programmable thermostats, allowing the AC to cycle by adjusting a few degrees and running the compressor at a slower speed. Thus, you can enjoy a cool or warm room while reducing your electricity bill.

How does ECO Mode work on Air Conditioner?

Imagine the ECO mode on an air conditioner as a temperature guardian. When you set a specific temperature, this mode kicks into action, guiding the AC unit toward that goal. Once the temperatures stabilize, the unit automatically turns off. But don't worry, it keeps a watchful eye! 

When the temperature begins to rise, signaling a new challenge, it springs back into action after around ten minutes. This feature is a true lifesaver in scorching regions, alleviating stress on your AC. While it may not cool the room to extremely low temperatures like 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit, it helps maintain a comfortable range of 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. 

However, it’s important to note that in ECO  mode, the AC won't turn off automatically even if the room feels chilly. You hold the power to manually switch it off when you feel right!

Benefits of Using ECO Mode on Air Conditioner


Key Points


Reduced compressor pressure

ECO mode allows the AC compressor to run at a slower speed, thus lowering the pressure on the compressor.

Energy savings

AC consumes less energy in ECO mode, resulting in reduced electricity bills.

Quieter operation

ECO mode results in quieter AC operation, as it uses modern technologies for noise reduction.

Environmental friendliness

Using ECO mode aligns with sustainable practices, minimizing environmental impact.

Longer lifespan

Due to their improved efficiency and updated technologies, eco-friendly AC have a longer lifespan compared to older AC models.

ECO Air Conditioner: When To Use It?

Using the ECO mode on your air conditioner is like having a money-saving companion. It is an ideal choice for night-time cooling or when you are away from home - preserving your comfort while saving money in the long run!

Note that, if you live in an extremely hot, cold, or humid area, the ECO mode might struggle to lower the temperature or humidity on short notice. In such situations, it is best to disable the mode temporarily and activate it when the room temperature nears your desired level. 

So, think of the ECO mode more as a strategic approach to achieving the perfect balance between energy savings and your personal comfort!

ECO Mode Vs. AUTO Mode In Air Conditioner

ECO Mode Vs. AUTO Mode

ECO Mode


Focuses on saving energy consumption.

Detects room temperature and determines cooling or heating needs.

Compressor operates at a low capacity.

Aims to improve comfort by adjusting the fan speed automatically.

Adjusts settings based on temperature, sunlight intensity, and movement.

No temperature limitation.

Emphasizes energy efficiency rather than providing rapid cooling or heating.

Doesn't always prioritize energy savings.

Ideal for conserving energy and reducing electricity costs.

Provides flexibility and convenience based on changing room conditions.

Key Takeaways

  • ECO AC operates at a lower capacity and makes intelligent adjustments that save energy.

  • Due to significantly less use of energy, ECO AC reduces electricity bills accordingly.

In conclusion, activating ECO mode on your air conditioner allows for energy savings and reduced electricity consumption - but in exchange for certain factors. So if these exchanges do not cause any inconvenience for you, feel free to use ECO mode most of the time! Because, in the end, embracing this energy-efficient option contributes to a greener and more sustainable future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

01. Does ECO Mode in AC Save Electricity?

Yes, it lowers the cooling power and limits power input to save energy - so you may feel less powerful cooling when it is on!

02. How to Turn Off ECO Mode in AC?

Locate the green leaf icon (in most cases) on your remote controller, point it at the AC, and press the button. 

03. Which Mode is the Best for AC?

It depends on your preferences and energy concerns. 

04. What is ECO Temperature?

The eco temperature is the setting on your thermostat when nobody is home. In winter, it is best between 18-21°C, and in summer, 24-32°C.

05. How Can I Make My AC More Energy-Efficient?

Seal AC ducts, raise the thermostat, insulate your home, change filters regularly, keep your compressor cool and clean, etc.

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