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Showroom Name State Name City Name Locality Full Address / PINCODE Mobile No Landline
Banashree Showroom Dhaka Dhaka Rampura House # 01, Road # 10, Block # C, Banashree 01944455409
Bashabo Showroom Dhaka Dhaka Basabo 62 South Bashabo, , Shobuj Bag 01944455408
Bogra Showroom Bogra Bogra Bogra Sutrapur Sharak, Yakubia School Moor, Bogura 01944455415
Chittagong Wasa Showroom Chittagong Chittagong Wasa Moore Wasa Moore, High level Road, Chittagong 01958153116
Chittagong-Oxygen Showroom CTG CTG Oxygen- Chittagong House : 312,Chadni Moor,Jalalabad,Kulgaon, Chittagong 01944455423
Dhanmondi Showroom Dhaka Dhaka Dhanmondi Shop No- G 3/4,House-28/B,Road-27,Old (16 New),Dhanmondi 01944455406 TelNo
Doulaptur Showroom Khulna Khulna Daoulutpur 781,Hazi Shoriutullah Market, Jessore road, Daoulutpur 01944455432
Farmgate Showroom Dhaka Dhaka Farmgate 47/1,Old Airport Road, Farmgate 01944455403
Jessore Showrrom Khulna Khulna Jessore 17/18,R N Road ( 1st Floor)Jessore. 01944455411
Kachukhet Showroom  Dhaka Dhaka Kachukhet 83/3Main Road, Cantonment, Dhaka -1206/A Dhonu Plaza, Ibrahimpur, Kachukhet Main Road, Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka-1206 +880 1958153123 Hotline: 09666880099
Mirpur Shewrapara Showroom Dhaka Dhaka Shewrapara 1038, B,Begume Rokeya Shoroni, East Shewrapara 01944455404
Mohammadpur - Tajmahal Road Dhaka Dhaka Mohammadpur  House:25/3, Block: C, Tajmahal Road, Mohammadpur- 1207 01944455405
Naogaon Showroom Bogra Bogra Naogaon Sadar Road (Ground Floor), Chakdev,Naogaon 01944455420
Navaron Showroom Khulna Khulna Jessore Navaron Rail Bazar (Oposit Girls School), Sharsha,Jessore. 01944455414
Satkhira Showroom Khulna Khulna Satkhira Polash pool,Shahid Kazol Saroni, Ground Floor, Satkhira 01944455413
Sylhet Showroom Sylhet Sylhet Sylhet 57 Niloy, Chowhatta, Darga Gate, Sylhet 01958153112
Uttara Showroom Uttara Dhaka Dhaka  House- 79/A, Road-7, Sector 4, Uttara, Dhaka 1230 01958153115 TelNo
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Online Stores
With a variety of online shopping channels and platforms, you could simply sit at home and shop Haier products online anywhere in the Bangladesh. You can rest assured that the following accredited stores could provide you with convenient and fast services.


Daraz is South Asia's premier online shopping marketplace with an active presence in Pakistan,Bangladesh,Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Nepal.Supported by a wide range of tailored marketing,dataand service solutions,Daraz has 30,000 sellers and 500 brands and serves 5 million consumers across the region. Daraz has more than 2.5 million products to offer,growing at a very fast pace.Daraz offers a diverse assortment in categories ranging from consumer electronics to household goods,beauty, fashion,sports equipment, and groceries.
Daraz is focused on providing an excellent customer experience, ease-of-purchasecomprehensive customer care and a hassle-free shoppingand returns experience.

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Dealer Name State Name City Name Locality Full Address / PINCODE Mobile No Landline
Ahid Trades Bogura Rajshahi Sadar Alupotti Moor, Rajshahi Sadar, Boalia, Rajshahi 01713203595
Azma Technology & Ideas Limited Dhaka Dhaka Bashundhara Bir Muktijoddha zalal Uddin market, Ka-9/3, Kurtoli, Khilkhet,Dhaka 01711888444
Bhai Bhai Electronics Dhaka Gazipur Shalna Salna Bazar, Gazipur 01675969271
Brand Electronics Dhaka Kustia Sadar West Joydeppur, Kustia 01720246294
Electronics Gallery Dhaka Mymensingh Trishal Near by Over Briged, Trishal Bazar, Mymenshing 01838152667
Ibrahim Trading Dhaka Dhaka Uttara House-21,Road-10/A, Sector-11,Uttara, Dhaka-1230 01758870435
Ittadi Electronics Bogura Rajshahi Baghmara Bhabanigang Bazar, Krishi Bank Ground floor, Pourashava, Bagmara, Rajshahi 01713203595
Jam Jam Electronics Dhaka Gazipur Sadar Gaispur Bazar, Kapashia, Gazipur 01713519370
Jeba Electronics Dhaka Gazipur Kaligonj Banker More, Kaligonj Bazar, kaligonj, Gazipur 01727206980
Jharna Electronics Bogura Bogura Sonatola Sayed Ahmed Collage Market, Sonatola, Bogura 01714303856
Kazi Electronics Dhaka Mymensingh Sadar 80 Rambabu Road, Mymensing 01919626344
Khan Electronics Dhaka Gazipur Gazipura Gazipura 27 Chowrasta, Tongi, Gazipur 01940428910
Khan Electronics Bogura Chapai Nawabgonj Rohanpur Station Bazar, Rohanpur, Gomastopur, Chapai Nawabgonj 01712456340
Khan Studio Dhaka Gazipur Razendrapur Razindrapur Bazar, Gazipur 01991978900
Lahmi Lahbiba Dhaka Tangail Ghatail Gatail sadar, gatail Bazar, Tangail 01641965985
M/S Ashraf Electronics Bogura Sirajgonj Sadar Mostofa Tower, SS Road, Sadar Market, Sirajgonj 01711116456
M/S Rashid Enterprise Bogura Rangpur Senpara Grand Hotel More, New Senpara Road, Rangpur Sadar, Rangpur 01774687777
M/S. S. Haque Electronics Dhaka Noakhali Chowmohoni Feni Road, Chowmohoni Bazar, Noakhali 01715877377
Mega Park Electronics Dhaka Dhaka Dokkhinkhan Dakhinkkhan Bazar, Uttara Dhaka 01755488054
Mir Electronics Dhaka Tangail Sadar Old Bus Stand, Tangail Sadar, Tangail 01711380105
Multi Electronics Dhaka Gazipur Chourasta Chowrasta, Joydeppur, Gazipur 01726210198
Numan Electronics Dhaka Gazipur Board Bazar Board Bazar, Gazipur 01711146569
Rakib Electronics Dhaka Dhaka Zirani Bazar Zainabazar, Sreepur, Gazipur 01711934483
Singra Electronics Bogura Natore Singra Bus Stand, Singra Bazar, Singra, Natore. 01711178034
Soptorshi Electronics Dhaka Dhaka Mohammadpur Norjahan Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka 01913483776
Soptorshi Electronics Dhaka Dhaka Mohammadpur Norjahan Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka 01913483776
Sotodol Electronics Bogura Naogaon Sadar Nur Nabi Pouro Market, Bus Stand Road, Naogaon 01718314852
T N Electronics Dhaka Feni Sadar 18/A, S.S.K. Road, Feni Sadar, Feni 01819197489
Tuhin Electronics Bogura Naogaon Nazipur Rahima Plaza, Bus Stand Market, Nazipur, Naogaon 01713723309
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