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1. The terms and conditions in this document are valid for all sales from 1st of January 2021. Any sales prior to this date is subject to earlier Warranty Terms and Conditions.

2. Warranty Period: Warranty Period for each product category is outlined below:

              2.1.     Air Conditioner:

a)        One year for parts and service. Five years for non-inverter compressors and ten years for inverter compressors. Air Conditioner warranty is subject to usage of 120 sqft coverage for every 12,000 BTU, properly sealed first class constructed building with concrete roofing, maximum of 1/6 of the full wall area with glass wall or window and any floor except for top floor and west faced floor.

b)        If any consumables or accessories are required during installation that would be chargeable to customer. In case of consumables provided by customer, then appropriate charges will be applied for such installation.


4. No product will be replaced during the warranty period if it can be repaired. If the product is considered non-repairable, only then a replacement product will be issued. Replacement of any product will be done within 15 days of confirming that the faulty item cannot be repaired.

Haier Standard Warranty Period:

Product   Group

Warranty   Period
  (Service & Parts)

Extended warranty on   Motor/Panel/Compressor


24 months

Panel warranty:  48 Months


24 months

Compressor: 120 Months


12 Months

Non-Inverter Compressor: 60 Months
  Inverter Compressor: 120 Months

Microwave Oven

12 Months

Washing Machine

12 Months

Non-Inverter Motor: 60 Months
  Inverter Motor: 120 Months

Small Appliances

3 Months

5.  The warranty term will commence and shall automatically terminate on completion of the warranty period from the date of invoice.

6. The company is not liable for any delay in servicing due to reasons beyond the control of the company or any of its authorized service centers.

7. Parts replaced or repaired under this warranty are warranted throughout the remaining period of the original warranty.

8. It is entirely left to the company's discretion to repair/replace parts at the site of installation or at the authorized service center of the company.

9. This warranty shall be strictly limited to the repairs or replacement of defective parts specified in the warranty.

10. This warranty shall not, in any case, extend towards payment of any monetary consideration whatsoever or return of the product.

11. The company may repair/replace parts free of cost during the warranty period. This warranty does not cover any Excise Duty, central or sales tax, and other local taxes or levies on the components/parts.

12. The parts shall be replaced by functional/ operating/ equivalent material only and not necessarily with brand new ones and are likely to be different from the one originally fitted. The parts thus removed shall be taken back by the company.

13. The company reserves the right to retain any part or component replaced at its sole discretion during the warranty period.

14. In no event the company or its authorized service center shall be liable for any consequential damages or resulting liability, damage, or loss arising directly or indirectly out of any defect in the product.

15. This warranty is not valid in case of the following events:

a.        If the product has been installed/serviced/repaired/opened tampered by any unauthorized personnel/technician.

b.        If defects arise/are caused by accidents, alteration, misuse, neglect, the substitution of original components with spurious/non-genuine components, attacked by household pest/ rodents, flood, earthquake, lightning, and /or any other act of God/natural calamities.

c.        The warranty card & Invoice is not completed at the time of Purchase

d.        The complete warranty card is not presented to the authorized service personnel at the time of service of the product.

e.        The product is not operated according to the Instructions given in the user manual. Defect or caused by improper reckless use which shall be determined by the authorized service person.

f.         Any repair work is carried out by a person other than authorized service personnel.

g.        Defects caused by due to causes beyond control like lightning or abnormal voltage, acts of God are while in transit to service center from purchase residence.

h.        Warranty is not valid in case the serial no. is deleted, defected or alter or not mentioned on warranty card.

i.         If customer name, address, serial no., DOP, Model & dealer seal & signature not available clearly.

j.         Warranty card is confined to the 1st Purchaser of the product only, it is not transferable.

16.      Any change of location or change in the ownership during the warranty period must be intimated in writing to the company.

17.      The company's employees or its authorized representatives have no authority to vary the terms of this warranty.

18.      Labor, Gas charging and Transportation charges to be paid by customer accordingly during the extended warranty period of 120 months.

19.      After the expiry of the warranty and extended warranty period, the customer has to bear service charges and taxes as applicable

20.      Don’t switch off the Refrigerator for long duration. If switch off then it could cause sealed system blockage or joint corrosion, which can result a leak.

21.      After the expiry of this warranty and/ or extended warranty period, the customer has to bear service charges and taxes as applicable.

22.      Customer is eligible for free on-site service for all refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, freezers and LED TVs over 40” within the free warranty service period. For products not under free service warranty, on-site service call will start from Tk.500.

23.      Any service or repair is dependent on availability of our manpower and queue of the repair job that is under progress.

24.      Customer has to provide a) Purchase invoice from any Haier showroom OR b) Delivery receipt from Haier OR c) Purchase invoice from Haier’s authorized dealer/distributor OR d) Have the product serial number registered in Haier’s online customer portal.

25.      All service request must be registered via Haier’s Call Centre (number: 09666 88 00 99) OR email to support@haier.com.bd OR website www.haier.com.bd. The following process will be followed:

25.1              The Call Centre will be operational from 10am till 6pm every day except public and weekly holidays as per the schedule of Bangladesh Government.

25.2              Customer will provide detailed description of the problem faced. Service personnel will call back and try to troubleshoot over the phone by following a certain checklist. If unresolved, the service personnel will narrate certain pre-requisites which, on fulfilment by the customer, will result in delivering the goods to our service center or ONSITE VISIT.

25.3              A service ticket number will be given to the customer for all follow-up appointments and tasks against the service request. The customer can cancel the appointment schedule 12 (twelve) hours before the scheduled time without incurring any additional fees. It should be noted that ONSITE SERVICE is based on First Come First Service and once an appointment is canceled, the new date and time will be re-fixed depending on the work queue. On availability of Service Personnel, the customer enjoys the privilege of making an appointment, anytime between 10:00 am to 5:00 pm – Saturday to Thursday, except Government holidays, subject to fulfillment of the pre-requisites.

25.4              Collecting of the goods for service can be arranged upon request by the customer against payment of proper delivery fees.

26.      Charges of service, on-site assistance, repair, and parts are subject to change without prior notice and based on the present market situation or cost of the purchase of parts from the local market.

27.      Haier Bangladesh Ltd reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the warranty at any time without any prior notice. Haier Bangladesh Ltd reserves the right to determine, whether a warranty can be provided or not, after examining the product at their own service center. In this case, Haier Bangladesh Ltd. decision will be final and binding on the customer.

28.      For any occurrence of clause 15 above, all warranty of the product will be null and void.

29.      Haier Bangladesh Ltd reserves the right to charge the customer fees for services that are not covered under the standard warranty. These charges can change over time and include but are not limited to:

29.1              Standard re-installation and relocation. Re-installation and relocation fee will start from Tk.1,200.

29.2              Appointment rescheduling if the customer is not available during the scheduled time. Re-appointment for no-show will be Tk.500.

29.3              Requirement of additional copper pipes or electrical wiring and components during standard installation, reinstallation, and relocation.

29.4              For products that are not under warranty, the service cancellation charge will be Tk.300.

     30. 6 Months Replacement Warranty Customers will get a completely new TV replacement if Panels defective within 6 months of purchase. 

    In case of other defective parts i.e. mainboard, speaker, remote, etc. replacement warranty will not be eligible. It will be repaired and delivered to the customer. 



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