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Best Smart LED TV in Bangladesh

09-06 2023

Television has progressed from a passive to a highly active kind of entertainment. Smart TVs, which have evolved into full-fledged digital experiences, have enabled customers to enjoy the best in entertainment while remaining connected. With instant access to the internet, movies, TV shows, games, and even applications, they offer a wide range of benefits above the typical TV and keep you informed about the world. A smart LED television is an essential item in your living room. Before purchasing a smart LED TV, you must evaluate the benefits and features to pick the best TV for your needs. 

Elevate Your Viewing Experience with Haier TV

Smart LED TVs have transformed how we watch content. These televisions are ideal for home entertainment since they have a variety of Smart TV advantages and features. 

With so many alternatives on the market, Haier’s selections of smart TVs are the most suitable choice for your specific requirements. This article delves into the must-have characteristics of a smart LED television by the globally renowned appliance brand.

Smart LED TV Options in Bangladesh

Bezel Less 4K Google Android 11 Smart TV


65” inch model: 1,29,900 BDT

55” inch model: 1,04,900 BDT


Haier Bezel Less 4K Google Android 11 Smart TV is super cool! It has an Android 11 operating system and a special HQLED Display that makes everything on the screen look super clear and colorful. Plus, it has a Front Firing Speaker right on the front, so the sound comes right at you, making movies and shows sound awesome.

You can also talk to the TV without touching anything because it has Hands-free Voice Control. Just say what you want to watch or ask it questions, and it will listen and do what you say. It is a smart TV that makes life fun and simple.

Bezel Less 4K Google Android 11 Smart TV


65” inch model: 1,04,900 BDT

55” inch model:    79,900 BDT

50” inch model:    69,900 BDT

43” inch model:    49,900 BDT


Haier Bezel Less 4K Google Android 11 Smart TV comes with the same Android 11 OS as the previous model but with different features. It shows pictures and videos in super clear quality with its UHD Resolution, which is like having four times more detail than regular TVs. You can watch all your favorite stuff on YouTube and Netflix with just a click, so you will not miss any of your favorite shows and movies.

And here's a cool trick - it's got Google Chromecast built-in. That means you can easily send pictures and videos from your phone or computer to the TV screen.

Bezel Less FHD Google Android 11.0 Smart TV


43” inch model:    42,900 BDT


Bezel Less FHD Google Android 11.0 Smart TV has got all the best things for entertainment and that too under a budget. You can watch all your favorite shows and movies on YouTube and Netflix. Just click a button, and you are ready to go!

It also has a smart feature called Google Assistant. It can help you find stuff to watch or tell you the weather. It has also got  Google Play Store. So, if you want a TV that is easy to use and has all your favorite shows, this one's a winner.

Bezel Less HD Google Android 11.0 Smart TV


32” inch model:  28,900 BDT


Bezel Less HD Google Android 11.0 Smart TV is a great model that comes in HD Ready resolution that makes everything look sharp and clear! It lets you enjoy your favorite shows and movies on YouTube and Netflix with clear pictures, just like the previous model. It also has built-in Google Assistant and Google Play Store.



32” inch model:  20,900 BDT


H-CAST SERIES LED TV is one of the best Smart TV models out there under a budget. It can show whatever is on your phone or tablet on the big screen with MiraCast. 

And if you want a TV to cater to your parties, this model is the TV to buy, thanks to the in-built High Volume Blaster. Plus, it looks really sleek with its Slim Bezel. 

Here’s a table listing all the Models of Haier’s TV:

What is a Smart LED TV?

A Smart LED TV is a television that can connect to the internet to obtain additional programming. The combination of technology in smart TVs includes digital media players, computers, and televisions. They have integrated connectivity to the internet, enabling you to use online services like social networking, video-on-demand, and messaging apps as well as to access the web using a web browser.

Must-Have Features in a Smart LED TV

Before buying a smart LED tv, these are some of the must-have features you need to take into account- 

Screen Resolution and Contrast Ratio

An LED television's screen resolution is the number of pixels that can be displayed natively in each dimension. Higher-resolution screens enable you to view more small details in your favorite entertainment.  The contrast ratio defines the spectrum of brightness levels that a display can show. Better contrast ratios show better shadows and colors, and consequently greater detail. To obtain the finest experience, choosing a high-resolution television with a high contrast ratio is essential. 

Multiple Ports

One of the main factors contributing to the popularity of smart TVs is their numerous ports, such as HDMI, USB, and Ethernet connections, which enable people to connect several devices to their televisions.

There should be at least four ports on hand, comprising USB, HDMI, audio/video, and VGA. High-quality video and audio information are transmitted between devices via HDMI connectors. Playing media files from a USB drive is the main function of a smart TV's USB connector. A smart TV's Ethernet connector serves to link the device to your network at home.

Certain smart TVs may also have other ports including VGA, composite, and components in addition to HDMI, USB, and Ethernet. Older equipment like analog recording devices, DVD players, and gaming consoles can be connected via these connections. If you want to link older gadgets to your smart TV, these ports will prove useful.

Picture Quality & Modes

When choosing a Smart TV, picture quality is an important factor to take into account. One of the newest and most cutting-edge technologies in this space is 4K Ultra HD. A display resolution of roughly 4,000 pixels is referred to as 4K Ultra HD, commonly known as 4K or UHD. Four times as much resolution as 1080p standard HD is provided by this technique. With a 3840 x 2160 resolution, 4K TVs deliver unmatched clarity and detail thanks to their 8 million pixels on display.

It offers a better, more detailed image, making for a more engaging and delightful watching experience. Additionally, it facilitates content scaling. Cable TV and streaming services included, the majority of the media we consume today is not in 4K resolution. However, with the use of this technology, media can be upscaled, producing a picture that is more pristine and precise. 

Sound Quality

When it comes to producing an immersive and compelling watching experience, sound may make all the difference. The high-quality sound produced by smart TVs can be enjoyed without the use of sound bars or external speakers. Some Smart TV models have built-in amplifiers that can deliver an even more immersive audio experience, while others have superior speakers that deliver clear, strong sound. The placement of these speakers carefully around the TV enables more even sound distribution and fosters a more theatrical experience.

The noise control technology found in many smart TVs also helps to reduce interruption and background noise, producing an exceptionally clear sound. This is especially helpful while watching motion pictures or television programs with delicate sound effects.

Remote & Voice Control

Instead of using a remote control, voice control enables people to communicate with their TV. Rather, you may easily access your preferred entertainment by speaking commands to your TV. Users can browse content, switch channels, play content, and continue it as needed in addition to searching. Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, smart TVs' voice control features can interpret spoken language and conversationally respond to orders. This makes the Smart TV feature genuinely straightforward to use because it allows you to communicate with your TV.

Although the invention of the remote control is not new, voice-activated and intelligent remotes show how technology has advanced. Without using buttons or navigating menus, voice-controlled remote controls let you operate your TV using simple spoken commands. 

You may use short voice commands to change stations, switch your TV on and off, and control the volume owing to this innovative technology. Mobile apps for smartphones that let you use them to control your TV. Finding a suitable app and downloading it from your phone's Play Store is all that is required. You can browse the menus of your TV, look for content, and change settings using a smartphone app on your mobile device.

Internet Connectivity

One of the most appealing aspects of a Smart TV is internet access. A whole new world of entertainment, gaming, online shopping, social networking, emails, teleconference calls, chatting, and much more becomes accessible. Users of smart TVs with internet access can access a range of online information, including news, sports, and social media platforms, along with streaming services. You don't need to jump between several devices to remain current on news and happenings. 

In conclusion, It provides a practical and adaptable way to access a variety of entertainment alternatives and online content, resulting in a terrific purchase for anyone wishing to improve their home entertainment enjoyment in every aspect while also making it smarter.

App Store

App stores on smart TVs are comparable to those accessible on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. They offer a variety of applications that may be downloaded and set up immediately on the smart TV. Among the most popular apps accessible on smart TV app stores involve video streaming services like Netflix, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and news apps.

They also provide a variety of additional material, such as games, weather apps, and educational apps. Some smart TVs also provide fitness apps that can be utilized to help you through your training program. The app store allows you to easily personalize your whole entertainment, social media, gaming, and fitness experience.


Smart TVs are useful for more than just watching your favorite shows and films. They can also elevate your gaming experience. The wider the screen when playing a video game, the more authentic the fantasy can appear.

To truly exist and thrive in the online environment of any video game, the device on which we play must have powerful CPUs and a high-resolution display. You can view the virtual world in spectacular clarity, from the characters to the surroundings, with 4K or 8K resolution and HDR, and experience the visuals, graphics, and special effects. Multiplayer games work well on smart TVs. It's a great method to spend time with friends or to enhance your social life. 


Smart TVs provide you with a great degree of personalization, letting you tailor your watching to your preferences. You can alter your home screen, app arrangement, and other aspects of it. Your home screen's apps can be rearranged so that your favorite ones are easier to reach. Depending on your new preferences, you can eliminate the ones you aren't using while downloading new ones.

Making numerous user profiles is another intriguing Smart TV feature that enables each member of your family to have a unique viewing experience. To fit your tastes, you may also change the picture and sound settings. For example, you can change the contrast, brightness, and color saturation. This makes it possible to customize your viewing experience to suit your unique tastes and make your viewing experience even more pleasurable.

Smart TVs provide you with a lot of freedom and control over how you watch, whether you wish to personalize your home screen or change the resolution and audio settings.


Smart TVs are made to work with a variety of devices, thereby rendering it simple for consumers to enjoy their preferred content on any device. This compatibility makes smart TVs a flexible and practical choice for those who wish to enjoy their video content without having to transfer between several devices.

Blu-ray players, home theatre systems, and gaming consoles can all be connected to a smart TV. This enables consumers to experience their preferred video games, motion pictures, and television shows in the convenience of their own homes on a bigger screen with greater sound. Smart TVs are a great option for people who enjoy various types of entertainment and media due to their compatible capabilities. 

Screen Mirroring

Screen Mirroring is a Smart TV function that enables you to mirror the screen of your smartphone or tablet on your TV. As soon as you establish a link between these two devices, anything that is playing on your phone or tablet will start playing on your TV.

This Smart TV function links two devices in a single click by leveraging your home Wi-Fi network to create a wireless connection between your device and your Smart TV. After connecting, you may use the TV to project the screen of your device so you can watch your preferred media on a bigger screen.

Energy Efficient

Energy-saving Smart TV features like automated power-saving modes are available on various models, and the technology is meant to be efficient. As a result, the TV is able to autonomously alter its power consumption in response to consumption habits, ambient light levels, and other variables. A crucial component of contemporary TVs is now LED backlighting technology. Compared to conventional backlighting techniques, LED backlights utilize less energy, making power usage more effective.

The above-mentioned features are some of the most significant features you need in a smart TV. Haier, one of the leading experts in the field, provides a comprehensive selection of these intelligent features. You can choose the one that is suitable for you from a broad variety of selections they offer. So, elevate your entertainment experiment with Haier. 


A smart LED TV is an LED TV that supports the Internet and apps. Modern high-end TVs are all smart LED TVs, and this feature is becoming more widely used. Therefore, you should think about all the advantages and qualities they have before making a purchase. Screen resolution, contrast ratio, different connectors, picture quality, and sound quality are some of the most essential elements in a smart LED TV. 

Get yourself a smart TV that matches your affordability and exceeds modern specifications. By looking for brands that give the best TV Price in Bangladesh, along with providing capabilities like screen mirroring, voice control, customization, connectivity, internet connectivity, as well as app stores. 

Well, if you ask my personal opinion! Then Haier could be the ideal choice if you're looking for a Smart TV and more. It’s not only a globally recognized brand, but a dependable one too when you’re considering purchasing appliances. It offers a varied collection of smart LED TVs that will suit your unique taste.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a smart LED TV?

A smart LED TV is a conventional television with built-in Internet and interactive web-based features that let users stream music and films, search the Internet, see visuals, and so forth.  

What differentiates a smart TV from a traditional TV?

Regular TVs lack internet connectivity and a number of extra Smart TV capabilities and benefits that come with smart TVs.

Can I use Ethernet to connect my smart TV to the internet?

Yes, a lot of smart TVs have Ethernet ports that let you use a connected connection to access the internet.

What separates USB ports from HDMI ports?

High-quality audio and video signals are sent from a device, such as a gaming console or streaming device, to your TV using HDMI connectors. On the contrary, USB ports can be employed for charging devices and are utilized for data transfer.

Can you play games on all smart TVs?

Not all smart TVs enable gaming. Before choosing a TV, you should look through its specifications.

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