Question: How to prolong the lifetime of refrigerator


If the refrigerator keeps off for long time. It should be power on to let the compressor work for a few hours at least  once a half month to  avoid the cooling system’s pipeline being  corrosion which can lead the refrigerant’s leakage.


The refrigerator should be located in a ventilated place. All around should has enough room to facilitate the refrigerator ventilation cooling to improve the working efficiency





Do not place too many food in refrigerator. It will work best with food being filled up two thirds of the compartment. If the compartment is too full,  the load of  compressor will increase and the freshness of food can also be effect for bad air circulation.



Please adjust the temperature reasonably. Usually, the temperature can be set at  -18 ℃ for freezer and 4~8 ℃ for fridge. The lower the temperature is set, the more consumption the compressor will cost.



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