Question: Door is not tight


1,Door seal corners is turned up slightly

Check 1.if there is a gap between the door seals and cabinet 2. The doors are sealed properly, we mainly observe if the door seals are airtight.

Common method :place one coin between the door seal and the cabinet,if the coin does not slide down, the door seal can be deemed as normal.

Attractive force of door seals is generated by the magnetic bars inside seals and the cabinet. However, the magnetic bars inside the seals are not integrated along the four sides, especially at the joints. The joints are welded together and there is no magnetic bar inside the welded corners. So maybe the corners is turned up slightly, it does not affect the sealing performance of the door seals.Please don't worry about it.

2,Door seals have smaller magnetic.

It is not correct to think that the more attractive force for the door seal owns,the better it is. With increase of the attractive force, the pull force needed to open the door will increase and the deformation of the door seal will also increase. This will shorten the seals' life. So in production we adjust the door seal's attractive force reasonably while ensuring their tightness.

If there is a gap between the door seals and cabinet,please call a service

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