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Haier India Celebrates Green and Clean Noida with ‘Monsoon Run’

07-11 2023

Showcases a range of Haier refrigerators


Haier India organized the first ‘Monsoon Run’ to promote a green and clean Noida. The event witnessed 1000+ enthusiastic participation from people between the ages of 18 to 60, who came together to run and celebrate the spirit of fitness, environmental awareness, and community engagement. Showcasing a range of Haier refrigerators, the 16-kilometer marathon route covered scenic stretches around the Shiv Nadar School premises, providing participants with an invigorating and picturesque experience.

Promoting Fitness and Environmental Awareness

The Monsoon Run was aimed to promote fitness and inspire a healthy lifestyle among individuals of all ages. By organizing this event, Haier India emphasized the importance of staying physically active and encouraged people to adopt running as a regular exercise routine. The marathon route, carefully planned around the Shiv Nadar School, offered participants an opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of Noida while engaging in a physically challenging activity.

Celebrating the Winners and Participants

The top performers in various categories were recognized for their exceptional running skills and determination. Prizes and awards were distributed to honour their achievements, further motivating participants to continue their fitness journey. Haier India hopes to continue organizing such events in the future, promoting fitness, environmental awareness, and community engagement among people of all ages in Noida.