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Deep Freezers-A Modern Day Kitchen Essential From Haier

07-25 2014

New Delhi: The changing Indian lifestyle with rise in the number of women in the workforce, and the resultant time-paucity, along with the increasing at-home socializing, the preference for nuclear families, or that of young professionals for living alone; the growing acceptance of western food, and the need for on-the-move freshly-cooked food has paved way for the growth of frozen/ready-to-eat food industry. Also, India is witnessing a huge trend in the number of people hosting dinner parties and other informal get-togethers at home. These situations have contributed significantly to the growth of frozen food items in India. From Ice-creams to meat, frozen food like cheese nuggets, mutter paneer or French fries, the frozen food phenomenon is increasing in India.
This phenomenon demands a space where foods are kept in their original, delicious states, waiting for you to come fish them out and enjoy and hence comes the use of ‘Deep Freezers’. Deep Freezers are soon becoming an essential component at most household kitchens today. The household deep freezers available in the markets today come in compact sizes which can easily fit into the kitchen and can store large volumes of food.  A deep freezer adds another yet dimension to any household and greatly increases cold food storage, and keeps food fresh and free from becoming sour.

Catering to this changing needs of the customers, Haier’s household deep freezers come in a capacity of 100ltrs and 148ltrs that are designed to suit individual storing needs. The new dynamic deep freezer comes with a single compartment with spacious cabinets that can stock more food items. The freezer comes with a Super Freeze function on the control panel that helps in reducing the temperature to -180 to -210 degrees thereby enabling faster cooling. With unique features and design that fits in snuggly in any household, Haier’s deep freezers helps preserve the quality of food stored as well as prevent the wastage of food.

Other features of Haier Deep Freezers include:

•    Rounded edges of Freezer and 1 piece molded Thermal breaker.  
•    Zinc coated for Anti-Rust Body, prevents rusting of the body especially at High Humid conditions.
•    Door Lid Thickened by 25% to 75.5 mm.
•    Trapezoid Design that helps in reducing the loss of cold Air Loss.
•    Super Molecular Foaming Technology helps in lesser air-loss and retains cooling which in turn helps in keeping the frozen food intact in case of power failures.
•    An in-built automatic alarm that is activated if the Inside temperature increases above -5 degree C.
•    Long curved Heavy duty Handles matching Door curves
•    Innovative condenser design that ensures no service is required for the freezer
•    Optimized Energy Efficient operation
•    1+2 YEAR WARRANTY ( One Year Comprehensive on machine & 2 years additional on Compressor only)

Haier, the world number one in Home Appliances & Consumer Electronics and the Number 1 Global Major Appliances Brand for the 5th Consecutive Year*, has constantly elevated the lives of people around the globe with their range of smart home appliances that are customer friendly and technologically advanced.

About Haier India
Haier India is a 100 percent subsidiary of Haier Group, which is one of the fastest growing consumer durables companies in the world. Haier is world’s no. 1 brand of Major Appliances* for the 5th consecutive year, as per Euromonitor. Haier is also world’s no.1 brand in Refrigeration appliances,Home Laundry appliances, Freezer and Wine Chillers. The company initiated its commercial operations in January 2004. It offers a wide range of products in all of 7 categories like Panels (LED/LCD TV’s), Water Heaters, Refrigerators, Wine Cellars, Washing Machines, Water Heaters and Deep Freezers. Every Haier product stemmed from innovation and technology and has been inspired and designed keeping the day-to-day customer needs in mind. Haier has its manufacturing facility at Ranjangaon in Pune district of Maharashtra, which has capability to manufacture Refrigerators, CTVs and Washing Machines. Haier is upgrading the new facility with state-of-the-art equipment' to create a Research & Development facility for refrigerators. Haier is known for introducing innovative products in the country and is best remembered for its revolutionary Bottom Mount Refrigerators, launched for the first time in India followed by the patented Double Drive technology in Washing Machines. LCDs with motion gaming technology, Washing machines with NZP (Near Zero Pressure) technology, 3 door refrigerators with smart convertible space, Water heaters with music functions are examples of continuous innovation at Haier for the Indian market.

About Haier Group
The Haier group was set up in 1984 in Qingdao, China. In just over two decades as per Euromonitor Statistics of 2003, Haier was ranked as the 2nd largest Home Appliances brand in the world. According to Euromonitor statistics of 2008, Haier branded Refrigerators have been ranked as number 1 worldwide. The group has emerged as a top multinational, manufacturing a wide range of home appliances and consumer electronics products with 15 Industrial Parks globally including USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and South Asia other than its robust presence in China. Haier’s revenues have shot up fourfold since 2000 with an annual Group turnover of 180.3 billion yuan, US $ 29.5 billion. Haier has 24 industrial parks, 5 R&D centers, 66 trading companies, 143330 sales outlets and more than 70,000 employees around the world.The product range comprises of over 15,100 models in 96 categories. Continuous innovation is the soul of Haier’s corporate culture. Haier has been widely recognized as a leader of nine products in terms of domestic market shares and the 3rd player of three products in the world market and world-class company in the fields of home integration, network appliances, digital and large scale integrated circuits and new materials. Haier has long attached significance to innovation in satisfying the demands of worldwide consumers and realizing win-win performance between Haier and clients. Haier has currently obtained more than 7,000 patented technology certificates and 589 software intellectual property rights. Haier has hosted and taken part in modification of about 100 technological standards. Haier technology of safe care water heaters and dual drive washing machines has been proposed to the IEC Criteria.

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