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Haier Showcases Innovative Smart Products and Technologies at CES 2015

01-30 2015

Haier Displays Smart Innovative Products and Technologies at CES 2015, Las Vegas, Nevada

Imagine a hi-tech home that often exists only in movies: the multi-functional hi-tech smart appliances controllable via mobile devices like smartphones, and the auto detection and control of indoor temperature, humidity and lighting...This has already become reality thanks to Haier, which strives to meet the diverse needs of people through development and innovation. 

New Delhi-Haier Group, the leading provider of solutions for a smart life in the world, attended the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) held in Las Vegas during January 6-9, 2015. At this year’s CES, Haier showcased multiple new smart appliances and technologies developed to accommodate people’s needs, including innovative TV products and technologies such as Roku-enabled HD TVs, 4K technology and curved TVs, as well as air quality products represented by the Air Rubik and entertainment products represented by the Magnetocaloric Wine Cooler. These products and technologies became the focus for numerous exhibitors and visitors.

Each year, Haier would become the focus at CES for its critically acclaimed products. At this year’s CES, the exhibition of innovative TV products was the highlight for Haier, most notably the Haier Roku TV. The Haier Roku TV models combine Haier’s picture quality and bezel designs with the simple and easy-to-use Roku streaming experience that gives consumers access to nearly 2,000 streaming channels, the largest lineup of streaming channels available on a smart TV.

Among its air quality products, Haier focused on showcasing the world’s first Air Rubik, which is a modular product combining functions like humidification, purification, freshening, and dehumidifying together. This product adopts a combinatory DIY design, allowing the user to build products of different purposes through the free selection and combination of modules. It can be used in spaces of different sizes.  

In the entertainment products, Haier exhibited the world’s first Magnetocaloric Wine Cooler for the first time at this year’s CES. The wine cabinet uses the cutting-edge magnetic refrigeration technology to replace the traditional compression refrigeration technology to significantly improve performance and user experience, especially in energy efficiency, noise reduction and environmental protection. 

“CES is a great place to highlight our range of products and showcase our technology innovations,” said a spokesperson of Haier. “We keep revolutionizing ourselves in order to develop new products that can improve people’s living standard and provide a better user experience as soon as possible.”   

Haier is one of the earliest Chinese companies to enter the Smart Home market. In addition to launching an entire range of smart cloud products including refrigerators, washing machines, TVs and computers, Haier also announced the world’s first operating system for a smart life in 2014--the U+ Operating System. This system provides a completely open platform, which not only enables the interconnection and information sharing between devices of different categories and different models including appliances, PCs, phones, security systems, lights, curtains, home security sensors and environmental sensors, but also allows connection to different resources for cloud services, to eventually provide a smart-life solution for people that can meet their different needs. 

Haier has been implementing its network strategy for three years since 2012. In this stage, Haier strives to provide the best smart-life solutions for people focusing on Smart Home, using new, innovative technologies including the smart Internet of Things, cloud computing, Big Data analysis, and online service to depict the future life for customers around the globe and lead them into a new smart-life era.