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Worlds First Customised Washing Machine From Haiers Unmanned Networked Factory

05-12 2015

Thursday, 12 May, 2015- Guangdong, China. In technology, transformation is the key. This context was best demonstrated by the Haier networked factory at Foshan.

A global symposium portraying the use of world’s first unmanned custom-made washing machine concept was at spectacle. A traditional method of large-scale manufacturing is now being revised to a whole new level, i.e. a contemporary method where the users were able to get acquainted with the making of their own washing machine, up in front.

The conference had colossal visual of the factory via a big screen created by Visual networked factory, where it showed the assembly of a custom made washing machine according to the needs and wants of the user. Through parallel connections of every single panel point involved in the process, the whole process of making a custom-made washer could be watched by users all across the globe through internet or the Haier app.

To ensure that every single procedure is be connected with users, every custom-made washer obtains a unique code (like an ID card) according to which it is organized, planned and produced on the process line. Accordingly, the customers can pick and choose different specifications in terms of model, color and function of washers to meet the individual requirements of the global users. A credible ‘health’ parameter which was also introduced lets the users get detailed information of the product performance.

Haier networked factory in in Foshan, Guangdong in China maintains the first-class global automatic and smart production level, especially for the custom-made washer method. The factory aims to strengthen Haier’s belief of keeping the best user experiences at its core, while progressing towards adopting the change from large-scale manufacture module to large-scale custom-made module, hence becoming the most advanced networked factory in washer industry across the globe.

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