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Be Summer Ready With Haier Home Essentials

06-25 2015
The punitive summer heat can be harsh on us, leaving us exasperated and with less enthusiasm. The work-life balance toggles and with minimalistic energy left, it is required to find a solace in one’s own home. Haier home appliances provide solutions catering to the urbane lifestyle making your home summer-ready by adding comfort and convenience to your life. Stylish and cool summer essential products will not only give a trendy touch to your home but will help you keep abreast with the drudgery household work. 
Haier Bottom Mounted Refrigerators
The new award winning range of Haier’s Bottom Mounted refrigerators come equipped with the best in class technology, features and design that complement the lifestyle of a modern contemporary family and, make the refrigerators and ideal partner for the homemakers. The new BMR series eliminates the need to bend unnecessarily while accessing certain items and comes with an increased storage space for non-frozen items in the upper half of the refrigerator. The refrigerators feature a 1 Touch control LED display, inverter Compressor technology, foldable glass shelves etc. to answer all needs of the i-age families. Added features include Temperature Setting with an easy to use external feather touch display system, 360 degree Air Flow Cooling which helps retain necessary moisture and keeps the food with its freshness intact. The BMR line-up from Haier is specifically created keeping in mind the evolving Indian lifestyles.  The new Haier BMR is ranged from INR 36,000 onwards.
Haier One Minute Air Conditioners
The new range of One minute ACs cater to the modern households keeping in mind their changing lifestyles and preferences. With features like air throw technology with more than 40 ft., powerful turbo function for quick cooling, efficient cooling even at more than 52 degree Celsius ambient temperature, etc., the new ACs are the perfect companions to beat the increasing mercury levels of the Indian summers. For the internet generation which is fast paced and prefers technology to be a fingertip-touch away, these air conditioners feature a 1-touch control LED display and Wi-Fi controls that enable the users operate them at their convenience. The new range of air conditioners are priced between INR 31,490 to INR 55,790.
Haier Home Deep Freezers
India is witnessing a changing trend in the eating habits of people. With the increasing number of urban workforce, the standard of living is increasing and so are the long working hours, which has resulted in lesser time available for cooking full-fledged meals in their kitchens. This has contributed to the popularity of frozen food consumption. 
To suit the contemporary Indian household needs, Haier Home Deep Freezers are designed so that the temperature inside the freezer is maintained even without electricity for as long as 5-6 hours in case of power failure. The freezer comes with a Super Freeze function on the control panel that helps in reducing the temperature to -180 to -210 degrees thereby enabling faster cooling. The Deep and quick freezing facility also helps cool quicker thus consumes less electricity and helps save on electricity bills. Some of the other features include mechanical temperature control with power indicator and High pressure foam cover for efficient Temperature preservation. The Freezer is easily movable from one place to another due to the presence of castor wheels.
Haier sensed the pulse of the contemporary lifestyle and mastered the technological innovation for its consumers. Every functionality or feature of Haier’s products is stemmed out of rigorous research and study of what today’s consumer wants.