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Haier India becomes the first consumer durables brand to launch an AI video Diwali campaign alongside the World Cup fever

11-11 2023

        - Haier India’s AI-imagined film amplifies the celebratory fervor in India with Cricket World Cup coinciding with Diwali 2023

        - With a futuristic marketing strategy, Haier India continues to disrupt the consumer durables market in the country with this campaign, being the first consumer durables brand to introduce an AI-imagined digital campaign 

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Elevating the festive celebrations, Haier Appliances India (Haier India), a global leader in Home Appliances and the Number 1 brand in Major Appliances for 14 consecutive years, takes their challenger brand approach a notch higher with the launch of their latest AI-generated Diwali digital campaign. In line with its strengthening customer connect through Sport-O-Tainment Marketing the brand is integrating a mix of new-age innovative marketing strategies to bring a power-packed amalgamation of sports and festivals across India. 


Building onto the excitement of Diwali, the campaign is a masterpiece that celebrates the zeal of coming together of India as a country, for the largest festival in the nation and the cricket team’s winning streak at World Cup 2023. Recognizing the significant impact of festivals and sports, using cutting-edge AI technologies, the campaign aims to strengthen the brand connection with premium Indian consumers through excitement, emotional value, and passion. 


Pushing the boundaries of innovation, Haier India’s Diwali campaign is set in a vibrant environment where the visually stunning film transports viewers to an exciting world where the magic of Diwali blends seamlessly with the thrill of a cricket tournament. From the enchanting glow of diyas to the exhilaration of fireworks, from the cheering across the cricket stadium to the momentous wins, prepare to be captivated by the spellbinding brilliance and limitless imagination of Haier India's AI-powered Diwali campaign.


Mr. NS Satish, President, Haier Appliances India, said, “Our Diwali campaign underscores the commitment to sharing the passion and zeal that Diwali and cricket instill in the hearts of many Indians. In line with our digital-first marketing strategy, we aim to celebrate the spirit of success, festivities and our technology-backed approach through this campaign. At Haier, we are pioneering new frontiers and elevating our brand to unprecedented heights. We firmly believe that the convergence of festivals, sports, and our brand spirit presents the perfect platform to forge lasting connections and leave an indelible mark on the hearts of our cherished customers. We have always placed a high priority on meaningful consumer interaction, and the amalgamation of festivals and sports together provides us the perfect opportunity to do this.”


Over the years, Haier India has become synonymous with a futuristic direction to reach out to premium customers in India with innovative strategies, personalized offerings, and a customer-centric focus. Aligned with its marketing strategy, Haier India has intensified its involvement in sports, with recent partnerships toward premier events such as the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023. This coincides with India's festive season, providing Haier with a distinct opportunity to establish deeper connections with the Indian audience.