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Instructions: Global Fan Fest'22

12-08 2022

To participate in the challenge: Dance, sing or even get creative (Cook, travel, funny sketches) by using the #HoneDoHaier music from Haier India’s contest post section.

● Upload it on Instagram using the hashtag #HoneDoHaier

● Mandatory inclusion- The “H” hook step must compulsorily be a part of the video for you to qualify.

● Ensure you have a public profile on Instagram, so as to  enable us to view your videos to shortlist them further.


● Participants receiving the highest number of likes

● Most creative reels

● Adhering to all the rules

● Winners from the shortlisted participants will be chosen  through  a lucky draw

*Final discretion lies with Haier

5 Lucky winners will get a chance to win Haier appliances and 50 lucky winners will get attractive gifts. Haier India will personally message winners for any information to validate the entry. Winners will be informed through our social media handles.


A. Age Group: People who are Indian residents shall be eligible to participate in this contest

B. Contest Duration: The finished entries must be submitted before midnight on 24th December 2022.

C. Haier India shall reserve the exclusive right to verify a person's eligibility to participate in the contest. 

D. Prizes will only be awarded to Indian resident Citizens. 


1. Content: Haier India has the right to dismiss content submitted by participants in the following cases: Sexually explicit or suggestive content; unnecessarily violent or derogatory content for any ethnic, racial, gender, religious, professional or age group; soothe or pornographic content; nude images • References or mentions of alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, any type of weapons (including firearms), or the use of any of the above elements • Any activity that may seem unsafe or dangerous • Obscene or offensive material; any form of hate or racism/xenophobia • Obscene or offensive messages; any form of violence, offensive discussions, or digital abuse. • Content that includes (i) trademarks, logos, or copyrighted material that is not owned by the participant, (ii) material used without permission (including, without limitation, company names, photographs, movie clips, or programs).

2. Mentions or images from other brands of  Haier India’s competitors. 

By participating in this campaign, you agree to be subject to these official rules and consent  to satisfy all eligibility requirements in this document

Privacy Policy: Your data will be processed as per the policy as mentioned on https://portal.haierindia.com/iservice/PrivacyPolicy