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Why Choose Haier Kinouchi Heavy Duty Pro?

03-17 2023

It is that time of the year when you prepare for the heat, exhaustion, grime and sweat! The switch from the lovely winters to the sweltering summers could be very pleasant  if you are prepared with a perfect AC. But many struggle to find the right fit  for their homes. We miss out on important factors while choosing the right air conditioner for our family. Haier simplifies this for you so that you know what to look for this summer.

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The cooling capacity irrespective of the external temperatures and delivery of uniform cooling indoors, should be the primary factor influencing your buying decisions. With the ruthless heat waves and rise in average temperatures across regions in India- you need a best friend in your ACs to make your lives better. The Kinouchi air conditioners come with supersonic cooling features that cools the room 20x faster in 10 Seconds. In addition to this, the series provides optimum cooling even at extreme temperatures of up to 60-degrees Celsius.

Energy saving

The amount of electricity or energy an AC consumes is also an important factor. While many energy-efficient products are available in the market today, we must carefully choose one which actually delivers on energy efficiency. Haier’s Kinouchi ACs come with Triple Inverter Plus technology which helps in delivering up to 65% energy savings to the users. Compared to conventional inverter technology, Haier Triple Inverter Plus integrates TLFM inverter control, PID inverter control, and A-PAM inverter control to achieve smart control of the air conditioner to maximize comfort, reliability, and efficiency

Ease in operations

Tech has advanced so much that you can avail comfort whenever you need. Smart features in your ACs will allow you to control and adjust the cooling according to your needs. Haier air conditioners with Intelli Smart features lets users monitor and control the air conditioner on the smartphone or smart devices including Alexa and Google Home operational through just voice command. The Smart Haier App helps users create their own 7-day cooling and sleep schedule to set reminders on cleaning or changing filters.

Installation and maintenance

Choose a brand which promises superior after sales services and guarantees efficiency. Legacy brands might be the best options when investing in ACs. Haier believes in designing products powered with innovative technologies that make consumers' lives simpler. With the perfect blend of innovation, design, and energy proficiencies in Kinouchi Heavy-Duty Pro Air Conditioner series, you need not look further for a premium cooling experience with lifetime compressor warranty.