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Why an inverter AC can be the best choice for you

03-17 2023

Summers can become really challenging for us, especially with the onset of the season and predictions of heat waves across states in India. Especially for the northern parts of the country, summers can be really oppressive. Humidity is also a challenge for the people in the coastal states, where sweating makes life all the more difficult. The only way to deal with this difficulty is to go in for an air conditioner which suits your needs.

Contrary to most of our understanding, the term ‘inverter’ in air conditioners has nothing to do with the power ‘inverters’ in our homes for backup.  An inverter in an AC has to do with the running of a compressor’s motor. An inverter AC can in fact be the go-to choice for you this summer. Let’s know why -


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Power consumption

When reaching the set temperature, the inverter AC compressor will start running at a low frequency. ACs that feature inverter technology adjust their tonnage by considering the heat of the room. An inverter AC runs at high frequency in the shortest time,  which helps in quick cooling. When the ACs reach the set temp, the running frequency will go down automatically, so that you can enjoy more savings on your electricity bills. Regular air conditioners do not come with this feature.  Haier’s Triple Inverter Plus technology- in its smart air conditioners, helps in delivering up to 65% energy savings to the users. Haier’s smart ACs come with the Intelli Convertible 7-in-1 feature that allows users to reduce the AC's tonnage capacity from 1.6 Ton to a minimum of 0.8 Ton. This results in more energy savings.


Inverter ACs can cool a room faster and adjust the temperature according to heat set in a room. Since the compressor runs at an increased speed, an area is cooled quickly with efficiency. Compared to conventional inverter technology, Haier Triple Inverter Plus integrates TLFM inverter control, PID inverter control, and A-PAM inverter control to achieve smart control of the air conditioner to maximize comfort, reliability, and efficiency


Once the set temperature is reached, the compressor speed is reduced which brings the noise down.  In non inverter ACs, the motor only runs at full speed till the room is cool and then shuts off. The repeated on-and-off process consumes more energy and creates more noise in the process.