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5 reasons to choose Heavy-Duty ACs this summer season

03-17 2023

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Rose Gold 玫瑰金正面关

Summers are almost here. With the heat cracking down on our backs, our homes need to be revamped to become the perfect respite where we can relax and cool down. Obviously an air conditioner is a great choice but with so many different air conditioner brands out there how do you know which one to choose? With the perfect AC in our hand’s reach, this summer can be pleasant, and your time indoors can become the favorite part of the day. 

Haier brings you the Kinouchi 5 Star Heavy Duty Pro AC which definitely is the perfect fit for you this summer and here’s why:

Powerful cooling technology

The earlier arrival of summer in 2023 has sparked concerns about the impact of the weather. Being prepared with an efficient cooling appliance is the perfect way to beat the heat. The Kinouchi air conditioners come with supersonic cooling features that cools the room 20x faster than regular ACs. In addition to this, the series provides optimum cooling even at extreme temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius.

Easy maintenance with Self-Clean technology

Air pollution and air-borne pathogens remain a cause of concern. Clean and healthy air is a necessity today. Haier’s Kinouchi ACs enabled with Frost Self-Clean Technology offers 99.9% sterilization. Through this technology, you can get a complete indoor wet wash with the press of a button, in the comfort of your homes. Once you activate the Frost Self Clean feature, a frost is formed on the AC's evaporator which traps all the dust present on the coil.

Energy efficiency like no other AC

The Smart Intelli Convertible - 7 in 1 feature helps in reducing the AC's tonnage capacity from 1.6 Ton to a minimum of 0.8 Ton. This unique feature can be activated with just a press of the ECO button on the remote. This will help you choose the tonnage of the AC as per the requirement, resulting in more energy savings. Moreover, the Triple Inverter Plus technology helps in delivering up to 65% energy savings to the users through its TLFM inverter control, PID inverter control, and A-PAM inverter control to achieve best performance of the AC.

A smart AC, for the smart you!

The Haier Kinouchi air conditioners with Smart features lets you monitor and control the air conditioner simply on your smartphone. You can also operate the AC through your smart devices including Alexa and Google Home operational through just voice command. With the Smart Haier App you can create your own 7-day cooling schedule, get reminders on cleaning or changing filters and monitor daily energy consumption.

The promise of Haier

Haier focuses on impactful innovations to design products that are inspired by your needs. The Kinouchi 5 Star Heavy - Duty Pro Air Conditioner series is the perfect AC for customers who are looking for smart appliances that not only provide comfort but are also cost effective.

So what are you waiting for? With the Kinouchi AC, your summers are sure to become one of the best times this season.