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Bring Home Haier Side-by-Side, The Most Spacious Refrigerators, Made for India

04-06 2023


Haier is a renowned global brand when it comes to consumer electronics and home appliances. It has launched 2 and 3 door convertible SBS (Side By Side) refrigerator series 682 and 683 in India. These refrigerators come with a perfect fridge-to-freezer ratio (66:34). Moreover, the refrigerator space can be enhanced to get spacious storage for fruits, vegetables, and other items.

SBS refrigerator series offers complete control in the hands of the users. Through this feature, you can use the underutilized section of the freezer to store additional items. The Haier 683 series is the first 3-door convertible SBS refrigerator series in India whereas the 682 series is the first 2-door convertible SBS refrigerator series. Magic Cooling and Deo-Fresh technologies for fast cooling, Expert Inverter Technology for saving power, and many other features have been integrated in the Haier SBS refrigerators.

Why Are Haier SBS Refrigerators the Ideal Choice for Your Home?

Haier SBS refrigerators have been designed by considering the typical expectations of homemakers. These refrigerators are completely customizable and perfect if you require a refrigerator with a large space. Some of the best features of Haier SBS refrigerators are explained below:

100% Convertible

Haier SBS 682 series is a 2-door refrigerator that allows you to convert the fridge into 100% refrigerator. It allows you to use the entire freezer space for storing jams, pickles, vegetables, and other food items after conversion.

The perfect 66:34 refrigerator-to-freezer ratio offers 34% of freezer space that can be entirely converted into the refrigerator.

Haier SBS 683 series is a 3-door refrigerator that enables you to increase the refrigerator space from 62% to 83%. The 17% of the convertible magic zone can still be used as a freezer after conversion.

The 17% of convertible space can be also converted into a freezer which increases the freezer section to 38%. Therefore, if you are someone who wants extra space for desserts and ice creams the SBS refrigerators have got you covered!

This kind of flexibility and customisation are unheard of and offer more convenience to the users as compared to other refrigerators.

Keeps food fresh up to 21 days*

Packed with the best-in-class features, the SBS refrigerators are integrated with the Deo Fresh Technology. This technology along with the 360-Degree Cooling keeps your food fresh for up to 21 days!

As these refrigerators are integrated with Magic Cooling technology, they maintain the freshness of your fruits, beverages, and food items for a long time.

Additional Storage Pockets

The Side-By-Side refrigerators from Haier are engineered with additional door pockets. These pockets can be used to store extra beverages, vegetables, and other food items.

A jumbo ice maker and fresh box are also available in these refrigerators. The 683 series comes with a Hanging Flexi-Box which is meant for the storage of cosmetics and utility products that need cold storage.

The gross storage capacity of the SBS refrigerators ranges from 530 to 630 litres ensuring enough space for the storage of your favourite food items!


The eco-friendly refrigerator gas used in the Haier SBS refrigerator series is in alignment with the brand’s sustainability efforts and measures.

Smart Connectivity

The Wi-Fi enabled smart connectivity is available on select SBS models. The Wi-Fi controls allow you to control the refrigerator and freezer comfortably while you are resting in your sofa or bed.

User-friendly features

The intelligent design of the SBS series refrigerators ensures that more than 50% of the fridge section meets the eye level of the users. It prevents you from bending while opening the fridge.

The Auto-Fridge Defrost feature stops the build-up of ice automatically. It prevents the additional build-up of ice in the freezer and saves your time and efforts that are required to clean it.

Aesthetic Appearance & Stunning Finish

Haier SBS refrigerators come in a wide range of premium finishes such as Black Glass, Mirror Glass, Black Shiny Steel, Shiny Glass, Inox Steel, etc. The stunning finish and aesthetic appearance of SBS refrigerators enhance the overall look of your kitchen.

Extensive Warranty

Haier SBS refrigerators come with 2 years of complete warranty and 10-years of warranty is provided on the fan and compressor.


The shelf is made from toughened glass and the entire fridge body is built from premium-quality high-durable steel. It ensures that your fridge remains in top condition for years to come!

Energy Efficient

The built-in stabilizer of SBS refrigerators minimizes the energy consumption and enhances their power-efficiency. The Expert Inverter Technology facilitates better temperature control and minimizes the power-consumption further.


Large storage capacity and high cooling performance

Loaded with numerous user-friendly features

Express freezing and moisture control features are integrated

Highly customizable refrigerators when it comes to optimizing the storage space

Come with attractive designs and finishes

Final Verdict

The Haier SBS refrigerators are engineered with best-in-class specifications and features. They are highly customizable when it comes to adjusting the fridge space as per the storage requirements. You can buy them directly from Haier’s official website and they are also available on multiple eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Croma, and more.