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Breathe Healthy Air At Home With Haier Kinouchi Heavy Duty Pro Air Conditioners

04-10 2023

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Haier has become the preferred home appliance brand in several nations today. Haier Kinouchi Series air conditioners have been revolutionary due to their innovative technologies, best in class cooling, high energy savings, and optimum performance. These ACs are powerful and integrated with Supersonic Cooling Technology that offers 20X faster cooling than regular ACs.

Also, the Kinouchi series air conditioners by Haier are engineered to provide maximum convenience and cooling comfort to the users. You get clean and fresh air to breathe - thanks to the Frost Self-Clean Technology, UVC-Pro-Sterilisation, and an anti-microbial-filter that kills 99.99% of bacteria, germs, and viruses.

Why Are Haier Air Conditioners a Smart Choice This Summer?

The Kinouchi series air conditioners are powerful enough to keep a medium-sized room cool and comfortable. The compressor is highly efficient and provides best-in-class cooling even at an extreme temperature of 60°C by maintaining a consistent cooling without any issues. Being integrated with the R-32 refrigerant, these ACs are also ozone-friendly and align with the brand’s sustainability measures.

This refrigerant is also known for providing better cooling performance in hot and humid climates. Some of the striking features of Haier Smart Air Conditioners range include:

Frost Self-Clean Technology

Internal cleaning of the air conditioners usually requires professional assistance. However, the Kinouchi series air conditioners are integrated with a self-cleaning mechanism which is called the ‘Frost Self Clean’.

Through this feature, a layer of frost is created on the air conditioner’s evaporator. This frost accumulates all the dirt and dust particles saturated on the coil. As the frost melts, all the dirt is drained away providing you a complete indoor wet wash. This technology ensures a continuous supply of fresh and clean air to breathe! All this is possible with a single press of a button. You get fresh as new in just 21 minutes!

Energy Saving

This air conditioner from Haier is nothing like conventional grumpy ACs that consume a lot of power to perform. It is engineered with a triple inverter+ technology which is simply a cluster of three modern technologies viz. TLFM inverter control, A-PAM inverter control, and PID inverter control.

Through these technologies, the air conditioner offers optimum performance without being power hungry. It saves up to 65% of the energy and helps you to keep the electricity bills under check!

Moreover, the Intelli Convertible 7-in-1 feature allows you to adjust the tonnage as per your requirements. On a cool winter or rainy day, you can simply adjust the tonnage to its lowest settings i.e. 0.8 ton. For that, you only need to press the ‘Eco’ button integrated on the remote control. Reducing the tonnage lowers the energy consumption and enables the AC to give an energy saving performance! 

Quick & Efficient Cooling

The Haier Kinouchi series air conditioners come with Supersonic Cooling technology that cools your room quicker than its contemporaries! The highly efficient compressor and cooling system maintains a cool and comfortable environment at even 60-degree Celsius.

The best-in-class cooling system consisting of a pro-efficient air duct, motor, and fan empower the AC to emit cool air far up to 20 metres long. This enables the air to circulate in the unreachable areas/corners of your room. As a result, your room cools down faster

Smart Voice & Wi-Fi Controls

Finding the AC remote can be quite exhausting, especially when you return from work after a tiring day. The hot summer can be equally frustrating and to add injury to insult, the remote will hide itself in an inaccessible corner of your sofa.

To save your day and to comfort you in such situations, Haier offers a ‘Haier Smart’ app. This app can be installed on your tablet or phone to control your air conditioner via Wi-Fi.

Haier Kinouchi series ACs also are Wi-Fi enabled. You can connect these to the Hair Smart App and command Alexa and Google Assistant now to operate them while you can chill and relax on your bed! These user-friendly and smart control features mean that you no longer have to be insanely infuriated when you don’t find the AC remote.

5 Years Warranty

Haier offers 5 years of comprehensive warranty worth Rs. 14990 along with gas charging included at no additional cost on Kinouchi series of air conditioners. The Kinouchi Series conditioners also come with a lifetime compressor warranty. Therefore, you no longer have to be worried about your air conditioner breaking down and you can have a complete peace of mind.

Kinouchi Heavy Duty Pro Series with Supersonic Cooling Feature is one of the stellar products in Haier’s Kinouchi series range of air conditioners. Here are some of its key specifications and exciting features to help you make an informed purchase decision:



AC Type


Coverage Area

17.65 square metres    (approx.)/190 square feet

Installation Type



1.6 ton

Star Rating




Remote Type


100% Cooling Capacity



5 years of comprehensive warranty*

Lifetime compressor    warranty*


Energy-efficient AC with 5-star ratings

Durable grooved condenser and evaporator coils

Maintains strong airflow throughout the room

Reliable and efficient performance even at extreme hot and humid temperatures

Indoor wet wash self-cleaning technology provides convenience to the users

5 years of comprehensive warranty for complete peace of mind

Instant cashback & affordable finance schemes

Strong after sale/service back-up

Final Verdict

The Haier Kinouchi Series air conditioners are ideal for medium-sized compact rooms in Indian families. Not only are they power-efficient but also offer excellent performance without any hassle.

Their noteworthy features like Super Sonic Cooling in 10 seconds, Frost self-clean technology, Wi-Fi control, and energy saving up to 65% make them your perfect companion during peak summer. Buy them directly from the official website of Haier or you may also order them from Croma, Reliance, Amazon, Flipkart, and other eCommerce portals and electronics stores.