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AC Maintenance Checklist; Seasonal Tasks For Optimal Performance

05-19 2023

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In order to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the warmer months, it's essential to check that your air conditioning (AC) system is in excellent condition as the seasons changes. Regular maintenance not only helps in maximising performance and energy efficiency while also helps in extending the life of your air conditioner. We will talk about seasonal AC maintenance checklist in this blog. It shall help you in self-care of your machine efficiently and prevent expensive repairs.


Prepare yourself ahead of the approaching season & what could be the better time than spring an ideal time.

• Replace or clean the air filters: If airflow is restricted, cooling gets compromised the reason is your clogged air filters.To guarantee appropriate airflow, clean washable filters or replace in case of disposable ones.

• Verify the thermostat's setting: Make sure the temperature and mode on your thermostat are set right. Upgrade to a programmable thermostat to save energy and create your own cooling plans.

• Check the exterior unit: Remove any dust or dirt or harmful elements from the surrounding environment around the outside unit. For adequate ventilation, make sure there is at least two feet of space around it.


Your air conditioner is probably going to run a lot throughout the summer. Take into account the following steps to keep it operating at its best

• Keep an eye on refrigerant levels: Low refrigerant levels might be a sign of a leak, which would reduce your AC's ability to cool. Seek professional help to check and refill refrigerant.

• Condenser coils should be cleaned: Dust, grime, and other debris can build up on the condenser coils, which lowers the AC's effectiveness. To keep the coils operating at their best, regularly clean them with a soft brush or a dry cloth.

• Examine and clean the air ducts: Your air ducts may get clogged with dust, mould, and other impurities over time. To maintain clean, unimpeded circulation and high indoor air quality, get them professionally cleaned.


As the temperature drops, it's important to do some maintenance to get your air conditioner ready for the winter

• Clean or cover the outside unit: To protect it from dirt and winter season, clean the outdoor unit one more time before the winter sets in or cover it with a waterproof cover.

• Schedule expert maintenance: Before turning off your air conditioner for the winter, think about arranging a professional tune-up and inspection. This guarantees that any possible problems are fixed and that your AC is prepared for the next season.


Even though you won't be using the AC in the winter, there are still a few things you can do to keep it functioning properly:

• Take off the cover from the outside unit: If the outdoor unit was covered, don't forget to take it off before using it for the first time in the spring. Running it with cover on it, may cause permanent or partial damage.

• Examine ductwork: Check your ductwork's for any evidence of deterioration or holes. Effective increases energy efficiency and aids in the retention of cooled air.


To keep your AC system operating well and avoid unwanted breakdowns, routine maintenance is essential. Haier gives you the best self clean technology you can guarantee peak performance, increased energy efficiency, and a comfortable interior atmosphere all year long by according to this seasonal AC maintenance checklist. Don't ignore your air conditioner; put in a little time and work on maintenance to reap the rewards of a well-performing cooling system.