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Tech and Style Combined: Modern Home Appliances to Delight Your Dad on Father's Day

06-16 2023

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Father's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to show your appreciation than by gifting your dad a useful and trendy home appliance. Whether he loves cooking, enjoy collecting and tasting wines, or simply loves the latest tech gadgets, we have curated a list of fantastic home appliances that are both practical and stylish. From smart devices to innovative appliances, these gifts are sure to make your dad's life easier and more enjoyable. 

Get ready to surprise him with the perfect Father's Day present! 

Smart Google TV

For the dad who loves to unwind in front of the TV, the Haier QLED S9 QT TV is an exceptional gift choice. This cutting-edge television combines sleek design with stunning visuals. It is designed to deliver exceptionally realistic pictures with 120Hz refresh rate, Dolby Vision IQ (an advanced imaging technology which optimizes visual content based on ambient light condition), High Dynamic Range (HDR), Wide Color Gamut. Moreover, Haier’s Google TV comes with a package of Google Assistance, Hands-free voice control, built in Chromecast, Google play store and Google UI which allow your dad to access their most viewed and recommended content directly from the home screen. 

Price: INR 69,999

S900-Perspective ui

Air Conditioner

Get your dad an AC that's as cool as him! The Haier Kinochi Heavy Duty Pro 5 Star Air Conditioner is an energy-efficient and high-performance air conditioner that provides exceptional cooling and comfort while also saving on electricity bills. The Kinouchi AC series from Haier is equipped with the 10 second supercooling feature, allowing for quick and efficient cooling of the room, ensuring your dad enjoys instant relief from the scorching heat.

Price: INR 47,990

Haier_Kinouchi AC

Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Make cleaning a breeze for your dad with Haier’s Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This intelligent device navigates through the house, picking up dirt and debris while your dad relaxes. It comes with WiFi connectivity and can even connect with Google Assistant & Alexa assistants so that you can vacuum cleaner through smart voice control and app control.

Price: INR 22,900

Haier Robovaccum

Wine Chiller

For the wine-loving dad who appreciates a perfectly chilled glass of vino, Haier Single Zone wine chiller is an ideal Father's Day gift. This appliance is specifically designed to store and chill wine bottles at the ideal temperature for optimal taste and preservation. A single zone wine chiller provides a consistent temperature throughout the unit, allowing your dad to store his reds, whites, or rosés at their respective recommended temperatures. With adjustable settings and digital controls, he can easily set and monitor the temperature to ensure his wine collection remains in top condition.

Price: INR 34,990

Wine Chiller

Side By Side Refrigerator

If your dad enjoys cooking and likes to keep his kitchen well-stocked, the Haier 628 Litres, Convertible Side By Side Refrigerator is a fantastic Father's Day gift. This spacious and feature-packed refrigerator offers ample storage capacity to accommodate all your dad's food and beverages. With its side-by-side design, it provides convenient access to both the refrigerator and freezer compartments. The convertible feature allows your dad to adjust the temperature settings and convert a section of the refrigerator into a freezer or vice versa, providing flexibility based on his storage needs.

Price: INR 1,39,990

Haier 3 Door Convertible Side By Side Refrigerator Series_1