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Haier's Commitment to Sustainability: Green Cooling Solutions

03-02 2024

In today's world, battling the heat doesn't just mean finding relief. It also means making responsible choices for the planet. Haier, a global leader in home appliances, understands this crucial link between comfort and sustainability. Their unwavering commitment to "Greener Cooling Solutions" sets them apart, offering innovative air conditioners that are kinder to the environment without compromising on performance.


A Deep-Rooted Green Philosophy

Haier's dedication to sustainability goes beyond mere products. It's embedded in their corporate philosophy, guiding their entire value chain. From using eco-friendly materials in manufacturing to promoting responsible waste management, they strive to minimise their environmental footprint at every step. This holistic approach ensures that the "green" in their air conditioners isn't just a marketing tagline, but a genuine reflection of their values.

  • Pioneering Technologies for Energy Efficiency

At the heart of Haier's green solutions lie cutting-edge technologies that redefine energy efficiency. Some of their key innovations include:

  • HEXA inverter technology: This technology adjusts compressor speed precisely based on cooling needs, eliminating energy waste associated with constant on/off cycles. Haier's inverter ACs can achieve up to 70% energy savings compared to conventional models.

  • UV sterilisation technology: This innovative technology eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses from the air using ultraviolet light, creating a healthier and more sustainable indoor environment.

  • R32 refrigerant: Haier has transitioned to using R32 refrigerant in many of their models. This eco-friendly alternative has a significantly lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) compared to traditional R410A, reducing its environmental impact.

Sustainable Features for Everyday Consumers

Haier translates its green philosophy into features that benefit consumers directly:

  • Intelli Smart: These features allow users to customise cooling based on their needs, preventing unnecessary energy consumption when spaces are unoccupied.

Smart Sleep Curve: This mode optimises energy usage during sleep, ensuring a comfortable night's rest without draining resources.

Eco-friendly materials: Haier uses Environmental safe materials in their product packaging and strives to incorporate sustainable materials into their AC units wherever possible.

Technologies and Features for Green Cooling in Haier HSU19U-PYFC5BN-INV

Haier's dedication to sustainability and eco-friendly solutions is exemplified in the innovative technologies and features incorporated into the HSU19U-PYFC5BN-INV air conditioner model. These features not only provide exceptional cooling performance but also significantly reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.

1. Frost Self Clean Technology

Haier's Frost Self Clean Technology is a revolutionary feature that ensures hassle-free maintenance and improved air quality. This feature self-cleans the AC like a professional engineer, saving time, money, and preventing the growth of mould and bacteria. The frost formed on the AC's evaporator traps all the dust present on the coil, and when the frost melts, it washes out all the dirt, providing an actual indoor wet wash and ensuring clean and healthy air for the users.

2.Supersonic Cooling In 10 Sec

Haier's Supersonic Cooling In 10 Sec feature is a testament to its commitment to innovation and efficiency. This new generation DC inverter technology, with PKC (Pulse Kill Control) and KTS (kick torque start) technology, enables stable operation and raises the compressor frequency to 50Hz in 0.24 s for ultimate cooling. This ensures quick and efficient cooling, even in extreme temperatures, providing users with superior comfort and energy savings.

3. HEXA Inverter Technology

The Triple Inverter technology in the HSU19U-PYFC5BN-INV ensures maximum comfort, reliability, and highly efficient performance. This technology not only provides superior cooling but also gives up to 65% energy saving compared to conventional air conditioners. By minimising energy wastage, this feature helps in reducing electricity bills and environmental impact.

4. Intelli Convertible 7-In-1

This innovative feature allows users to customise their cooling experience based on their needs. By limiting the current, this feature reduces energy consumption by up to 40%–100% compared to normal mode, without compromising on comfort. This not only helps in saving electricity bills but also contributes to reducing the overall carbon footprint.

5. 20 Mtr Long Air Throw

The HSU19U-PYFC5BN-INV is equipped with a powerful air throw capability, reaching up to 20 metres. This ensures that cool air is distributed evenly throughout the room, eliminating hot spots and reducing the need for multiple air conditioners in larger spaces. By maximising air distribution efficiency, this feature helps in maintaining a consistent temperature, enhancing comfort levels, and reducing energy consumption.

6. 60c Cooling

The 60c Cooling feature of Haier's air conditioner ensures that users stay cool even at 60°C high temperature, thanks to the optimised high-performance compressor and cooling system. This feature is particularly useful in regions with extreme temperatures, providing reliable cooling performance even in the harshest conditions, without compromising on energy efficiency.

7. Hyper PCB

Haier's Hyper PCB feature provides consistent, powerful cooling with an optimised design to cope with voltage fluctuations and unexpected damages that may lead to the malfunction of the air conditioner. This feature ensures that users can enjoy uninterrupted cooling performance, even in challenging conditions, while minimising energy wastage and reducing environmental impact.

Final Thoughts

Haier's commitment to sustainability is more than just a trend; it's a responsibility. Their "Greener Cooling Solutions" offer a refreshing perspective on air conditioning, demonstrating that comfort and environmental consciousness can go hand-in-hand. By embracing innovation, educating consumers, and taking a holistic approach, Haier is paving the way for a future where cool spaces breathe easy on the planet.

With their continued dedication and leadership, Haier is ensuring that everyone can enjoy the comfort of cool air without compromising the well-being of our shared environment. So, the next time you choose an air conditioner, remember to look for the green in Haier – it's not just a colour, it's a promise for a sustainable future. Visit Haier’s official website and browse from a wide range of Air Conditioners tailored to your needs!